Best Volleyballs 2022

Best Volleyballs 2022

There are so many volleyballs to choose from so we thought we would help you choose by simplifying your options, showing you some great volleyball discounts available and break the options into an easy to decipher volleyball comparison grid.

There are however a few things you need to decide on before buying a volleyball. They are style, size, budget and potentially brand. If you need help deciding on which volleyball/s to buy you can find a quick break down of these 4 options at the bottom of this article: click here.

In this article we will showcase some great indoor and beach volleyballs as well as volleyballs for kids. If you would like to jump straight to a certain section please click on one of the buttons below.

The Three Most Popular Volleyballs On Amazon

Best For Beginners
Beach Volleyball
Indoor Volleyball
WILSON Soft Play Volleyball
WILSON OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball
Tachikara Sensi-Tec® Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball (EA)
WILSON Soft Play Volleyball
WILSON OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball
Tachikara Sensi-Tec® Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball (EA)
Best For Beginners
WILSON Soft Play Volleyball
WILSON Soft Play Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
WILSON OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball
WILSON OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball
Indoor Volleyball
Tachikara Sensi-Tec® Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball (EA)
Tachikara Sensi-Tec® Composite SV-5WSC Volleyball (EA)

Some Of The Best Indoor Volleyballs

Below you will find some of our favourite indoor volleyballs. Make sure to click on the links to check the prices as Amazon does not always feed us the prices and discounts for all the volleyballs available.

Some Of The Best Outdoor Volleyballs

Two of the top 3 most popular volleyballs are also outdoor volleyballs so we haven’t included them in this list, but you cannot go wrong with either the Wilson Soft Play Volleyball or the Wilson AVP Official Beach Volleyball. Below are some other great beach and outdoor volleyballs we recommend.

No products found.

Great Kids Volleyballs

Are you looking for a good volleyball for kids? Check out some options below, or read our full review on the best kids indoor volleyballs.

We hope you found this post useful for finding the best volleyball for your needs. if you need more help choosing keep reading for some basic volleyball characteristics, or read one of our best volleyball reviews.

Volleyball Style:

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want an indoor or outdoor volleyball. In fact you could also choose from a pool volleyball or even a foot volleyball. The main two style of volleyball determine a few charateristics about the ball. Namely size, the materials the volleyball is made from and how the panels are glued or sewn together. This is as the two environments affect the balls in different ways. We won’t get into it too much in this post, but you can read about our best indoor volleyballs and our best outdoor/beach volleyballs in these two specialised posts.

Volleyball Size:

Volleyball sizes differ depending on where and by whom they are used by. The table below breaks down the difference below:

Volleyball TypeSize( inches )Weight ( ounces )PSI
Indoor Volleyball25.5 – 26.5 in9.2 – 9.9 ounces4.3 – 4.6 psi
Youth Volleyball25 – 26 in9.2 – 9.9 ounces4.3 psi
Outdoor Volleyball26 – 27 in9.2 – 9.9 ounces2.5 – 3.2 psi*
*Outdoor volleyballs tend to be slightly larger and softer than indoor volleyballs due to weather elements and how they affect play.


It is important to keep budget in mind when buying a volleyball. Are you going to buy the best volleyball available to suit your needs, or are you going to go with the best volleyball within your budget. In general we have had success with going with the best available as we feel we end up saving money in the long run, however requirements for the ball need to be considered.


You might have a favourite volleyball brand that you want to stick with and love. We think that’s great. Another consideration when choosing a volleyball is that different volleyballs tend to play slightly differently, so it is best to choose a volleyball that is similar or the same as you are going to be performing with, eg in tournaments or competitions.

Can The Ball Spin Off A Set In Beach Volleyball - Double Contact Sets

Can The Ball Spin Off A Set In Beach Volleyball? Double Contact Sets.

Spin off a volley is a common symptom of a double contact, but it is not a guarantee.

Quite a controversial and contested topic in beach volleyball is when a double or lift/catch is called during a volley or set. The rules being infringed in these two possible ball faults are:

9.3.3 CATCH: the ball is caught and/or thrown; it does not rebound from the hit. (Exceptions,

9.3.4 DOUBLE CONTACT: a player hits the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts various parts of his/her body in succession.

In plain English this means that you cannot catch or hold onto a ball for too long, and you cannot touch a ball twice in succession. Due to the nature of a two handed set or volley it is very easy to either be blown up for catching the ball or for touching the ball twice during the volley, also known as a double.

Many people use a spinning ball as the result of a volley as an indicator of a double touch. Their reasoning says that the only way to create spin on the ball with two hands is to touch it for two different durations during the release which results in the spin.

Referee John King breaks down why this isn’t not necessarily the case and what beach volleyball referees look for during volleys or sets. He also covers whether it is allowed to receive a hard driven ball with two separated open palm hands during play.

Fault for double contact: As explained in the video spin is a common symptom of double contacts, but not a guarantee. You can be faulted for double contact while setting as you receive the ball, yet still release a clean no-spin perfect ball. This is still considered a double contact fault. Tt’s not just the release but also the initial first contact with each hand that counts. (a lot of people refer to this as a “catch”). *

The exception to these rules is during a hard driven ball. Then the ball contact can be extended momentarily even if an overhand finger action is used. Referee John King refers to this as well.

This can be found in the official FIVB rules – Point


*This video and explanation was found in this reddit thread:

What is the hardest skill in volleyball - blocking

What is the hardest skill in volleyball?

Blocking or volleying.

We are going to split this answer into two sections as we think there are two different answers depending on whether you are playing indoor volleyball or beach volleyball.

What is the hardest skill in indoor volleyball?

Blocking is one of the volleyball skills that takes the longest too perfect and has one of the steepest learning curves. Therefore it can be said to be the hardest or most difficult skill in indoor volleyball.

There are a lot of variables when it comes to blocking and how they interact with your blocking technique. These variables include:

  • Footwork
  • Timing
  • Hand position
  • Communication
  • Are you blocking with someone else?
  • Are you blocking alone?
  • Are you swing blocking?

An effective blocker is able to identify the technique required for a certain situation and then executing that technique effectively. It is also important to be able to read what the opposition setter and hitter are going to do in order to perform the right kind of block for the situation. This is why blocking is both a mental and physical challenge.

The other reason that blocking is difficult to learn is that it is the least taught skill in volleyball, especially in high school and at clubs.

Why don’t high school and club volleyball concentrate on teaching blocking skills?

In high school attackers tend to be shorter as they haven’t fully grown into their height yet. Blockers are also smaller and jumping high enough to block effectively can be a challenge. Due to this it is more effective to concentrate on the other basic volleyball skills rather than focusing on blocking.

Blocking isn’t always critical to have a good game of volleyball or to win a game of volleyball, so it is often a neglected skill.

The main reason blocking is such a difficult skill.


Timing is everything in blocking. You need to understand when the setter will set the ball for the hitter, when and where the attacker will strike the ball and in what direction they may hit it. You need to time your jump and your arm/hand placement to intercept that strike. You need to know when to start moving your feet, when to jump and when to stretch out your hands. If you are too early or too late your block will not be effective and may leave a hole in you defence.

Timing is not an easy skill to learn, it requires knowledge, hand-eye coordination, balance, agility, reading of the game and talent.

Blocking is also one of the most difficult skills to practice on your own. One way to practice on your own is if your school or club has a volleyball attack machine that will let you simulate spikes in order to block.

If you want to be a great blocker devote time and energy to master it.

What is the hardest skill in beach volleyball?

We believe that volleying is the hardest skill to learn in beach volleyball. This is as the rules of beach volleyball are a lot stricter when it comes to ball faults and volleying in beach volleyball than for indoor volleyball.

The FIVB Beach Volleyball Rules For Volleying State:

9.3.3 CATCH: the ball is caught and/or thrown; it does not rebound from the hit. (Exceptions,

9.3.4 DOUBLE CONTACT: a player hits the ball twice in succession or the ball contacts various parts of his/her body in succession

Both of these rules can cause a player to be called for a ball fault when volleying in beach volleyball.

  1. A catch – If a player is determined to hold on to the ball for too long during a volley it is ruled a catch and the point is lost.
  2. If the player touches the ball twice during the volley it is ruled as a “double”. This is very easy to do as during a volley, the player uses two separated hands making it extremely easy to result in two separate touches.

Beach volleyball referees are much stricter when it comes to double contacts during a volley. Lots of people refer to the ball spinning as the cause of a double, however this is not true. Spin is an indicator of a double touch, but not a certainty.

Because of this many beginner and intermediate volleyball players are taught to dig set in order to avoid ball faults during setting.

This video of AVP Referee John King answers the question extremely clearly.

Fault for double contact: As explained in the video spin is a common symptom of double contacts, but not a guarantee. You can be faulted for double contact while setting as you receive the ball, yet still release a clean no-spin perfect ball. This is still considered a double contact fault. Tt’s not just the release but also the initial first contact with each hand that counts. (a lot of people refer to this as a “catch”). *

The exception to these rules is during a hard driven ball. Then the ball contact can be extended momentarily even if an overhand finger action is used. Referee John King refers to this as well.

This can be found in the official FIVB rules – Point


*This video and explanation was found in this reddit thread:


Best Volleyball Sets – Our Top 7 Outdoor Volleyball Net Systems

Volleyball doesn’t need to be confined indoors or to specific outdoor locations. If you get yourself a quality volleyball set and lines you and your friends can take the fun with you wherever you are, the beach, the park, or just at home in the backyard, if the garden is big enough.

These are our best volleyball net sets.

Updated: 13 December 2021

Best Volleyball Set Quicklist:

  1. Park & Sun Sport Spectrum Classic
  2. United 2″ SS: Semi-Serious High Strength Volleyball Net System
  3. Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000
  4. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set
  5. Vermont Portable Volleyball Set
  6. Park & Sun Spiker Volleyball Set
  7. Franklin Sports Volleyball Set

Honourable Mention

  1. Boulder Volleyball Badminton Pickleball Net


Intermediate Sets – US$280 – US$210

Beginner Sets – US$ 150 – $39

Read the full review below:

In terms of what is widely available from common retailers like Amazon there are a few main brands to choose from:


  1. Park & Sun
  2. Triumph
  3. Baden
  4. Franklin Sports
  5. Vermont
  6. Venus Sport
  7. Dunlop

When choosing your volleyball set it is important to understand what level of volleyball you are looking to play.

We will break this down into three levels – Professional, Intermediate and Beginner

Professional sets are ideal for people who love volleyball and are going to be playing a lot ( a few times a week ) and want to practice and play on pro/tournament level nets and systems to make sure they are practicing at the right level.

Intermediate volleyball sets are perfect for people who want to go down to the beach or park and play volleyball with their friends, maybe pay three, four, and five-man games with a group that has various levels of skill but still want a net that is good enough to improve their skills and play seriously when they have the members to do so.

Beginner sets are for those who might play volleyball from time to time but not too often. They do not want to pay too much money as they are not going to use the volleyball set too often but know it is a great activity when they have friends over in the garden or head to the beach for holidays.

Budget also plays a big role in deciding which net to get so we will try to break it down and provide you with the most help.


At the top end of the market are the Park & Sun Spectrum Series nets and the United Volleyball Supply sets.


Volleyball-Sets-Best-Park-n-Sun-Spectrum-Classic - Outdoor Volleyball Sets

This is Park & Sun’s Portable Professional Outdoor Volleyball Net System. This option has been the choice of volleyball tournament directors and volleyball enthusiasts for over 30 years.

This set includes lightweight telescoping aircraft aluminum volleyball poles, and Park & Sun’s original sleeve net design, and colorful net tapes.

You will find the Spectrum Series of volleyball sets worldwide at parks, beaches, volleyball tournaments and leagues.


  • It includes set pole heights for Official Women’s 7’4″, Official COED 7’8″, and Official Men’s  8′ net heights.
  • The three-inch net tape is double stitched, has reinforced net sleeves and bindings, that stand-up to the most competitive play.
  • Easy net tension adjustment – 5/16″ double guylines with padded pull-down handles allows quick adjustments and along with the sleeve net design keeps the net taut for competitive play.

2″ SS: Semi-Serious High Strength Volleyball Net System

Best Volleyball Sets - Outdoor Volleyball Nets

This United Volleyball Systems top-of-the-line net is made for pro play. United Volleyball Systems are endorsed by VolleyballUSA and this system is proudly made in the United States of America. This volleyball set is a great option for players looking for quality net tension from a portable system. The system features webbing guy wires for quick setup and superior-top net tension. A built-in bottom net tensioner will allow participants the ability to play the ball out of the net, unlike most portable net systems.


  • Compact two-section telescoping pole design. 2 inch O.D. with heavy-duty wall thickness.
  • Poles telescope to men’s, women’s, or junior heights with push-button locking device. Poles can be telescoped down with your net attached and rolled up for easy setup and storage.
  • Net: IL2D Net 32 foot X 39 inch. With #27 netting, 1,000 lbs, through ropes top and bottom.
  • The Pull-down webbing guy-line set offers a quick set-up with superior net tension. Includes heavy-duty carrying bag


For intermediate sets, we have Park & Sun Sports, Baden and Vermont.


Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000 - Outdoor Volleyball Sets - Portable Volleyball Nets

The Tournament Flex 1000 is among the list of the top-rated comprehensive volleyball net systems of Park & Sun Sports. It comes with everything you need to set up a volleyball court for outdoor tournaments and fun casual games with your family and friends. This intermediate net system is guaranteed to give exceptional recreation performance. The Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000 is portable, lightweight, and easy to set up so you can bring it to backyard parties, a trip to the park, or a day at the beach. This affordable and durable net system is great bang for your buck!


  • The net features double-stitched, reinforced net sleeves and bindings, to stand up to the most competitive play.
  • The nylon blend netting mechanism enables the net to withstand harsh weather so it is guaranteed that it last for a few years.
  • The telescopic aluminum poles feature a push-button locking system for easy height adjustments so you can easily adjust to official men’s, women’s, and COED heights.
  • It is easy to adjust guylines with pull-down tension rings and the sleeve net keeps the net taut for competitive play.
  • This net system is designed for easy assembly and portability.

Check out our full review on the Park & Sun Sports Tournament Flex 1000


Outdoor Volleyball Sets - Outdoor Volleyball Net Systems

2020 Update! Baden updated one of their best sellers in 2020, changing from the old black and red colors to the new blue and orange color scheme. The Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set is perfect for yard games, family cookouts, summer camps, and social events. This 2-in-1 set comes with all the equipment needed to play both volleyball and badminton. There is no need for you to buy an individual set for volleyball and badminton because this set includes everything you need to enjoy both volleyball and badminton games. The set is built tough and is long-lasting so it can endure the elements. It is designed for outdoor use and recreational gameplay. It also features a quick setup and transition from volleyball to badminton. This mid-level set definitely gives you the ultimate versatility in backyard games.


  • Adjustable steel poles allow easy set-up and seamless transition between game types
  • The heavy-duty powder-coated steel poles, waterproof edges, and durable nylon ropes are strong enough to withstand competitions
  • It comes with a regulation size volleyball/badminton net
  • The set fits perfectly into its durable weather-resistant carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • The set is easy to set up and takedown

Read our full review on the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set



The Vermont Portable Volleyball Set allows you to create a professional-quality volleyball environment wherever you like. Available in two styles, beach or regulation, these sets are an excellent choice for volleyball clubs, schools, and families. Both sets feature a pair of aluminum telescopic volleyball posts, an FIVB regulation volleyball net, court line marking tape, and a heavy-duty carry bag for simple storage and portability. These portable volleyball sets are expertly created using premium-grade materials and are designed to be a part of your volleyball set-up for many years to come.


  • These volleyball sets feature aluminum telescopic volleyball posts that allow for three adjustable heights – 8ft (men’s), 7ft 8in (mixed) & 7ft 4in (women’s).
  • These sets are portable and come with a heavy-duty carry bag included.
  • Sets offer a fast assembly and come with court line marking tape – create a court anywhere.
  • The volleyball posts, volleyball nets, and court line marking tape conform with FIVB regulations.
  • The telescopic volleyball posts are engineered using lightweight yet robust aluminum.
  • The volleyball nets both feature a 2.5mm twisted polyethylene construction with PVC banding for exceptional resistance to volleyball impacts.
  • Each set comes with high-quality 6mm braided PE guy ropes to ensure your volleyball nets remain strong & stable every time you play.


Park & Sun Sports and Franklin Sports offer the best value volleyball sets for beginners.



The Park & Sun Sports Spiker Sport was designed with families in mind. It offers exceptional recreational performance for outdoor amateur tournaments, friendly gatherings at the park, or even your backyard lawn. This portable outdoor volleyball net system includes everything needed for a fun and competitive playing experience, making it perfect for a rousing game in your backyard, park, or at the beach. It also features a regulation size Momentum net. Its Nylon blend netting is superior at withstanding harsh weather compared to lower-end polyethylene nets, so you can enjoy the game for years to come.


  • Double guy line with tension rings allow for quick adjustments that ensure the net remains taut, even during play
  • Easily adjust eyebolt for men, women, and Coed playing heights with its Push-button assembly
  • Includes a Soft Touch volleyball, which lessens the impact to wrists and arms. It comes with pre-measured boundary lines which are firmly secured to the ground with corner anchors
  • A truly portable, lightweight volleyball system
  • The entire set fits inside a heavy-duty polyester zippered equipment bag with carrying handles making transporting and storing extremely convenient



The Franklin Sports Volleyball Set is lightweight, portable, and perfect for the beach or the backyard. The set comes with an easy-assemble net and poles, an official size and weight volleyball, ground stakes, and a court marking kit so you have everything you need to turn the beach or the backyard into your own volleyball court. It is perfect for players of all ages to have outdoor volleyball fun!

Franklin Sports Volleyball Set play - Outdoor Volleyball Nets


  • This set is fully equipped for you to get out and start the fun
  • The full-size net assembles to 30′ x 3′ so you can have the full volleyball experience
  • This set comes with a 180′ cord and ground stakes so you can set up the full court boundaries to play with an authentic feel
  • Its lightweight portable construction ensures that you can take this set to the beach, the park, or anywhere else

So, there you have it, our top 7 outdoor volleyball net systems. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional player, there are outdoor volleyball sets available in the market that suits your skills and budget.

Honourable Mention: Boulder Badminton Pickleball Net

Portable Volleyball Sets - Outdoor Volleyball Net Systems - Boulder Set

Its hard to just pick 7 great volleyball nets, especially when looking at cheaper portable outdoor volleyball net options. A great net that we didn’t manage to squeeze onto the list is the Boulder Badminton Pickleball Net. Its unique design means that you do not need guy ropes or pegs to keep it standing. It is also easily adjustable in height, and comes in three widths: 10Ft, 14 Ft and 17 Ft.

This net is great for volleyball, badminton or pickleball.

Why We Love It:

  • Great price
  • Easy to set up
  • Free standing net
  • Can be used for volleyball, badminton, pickleball and soccer.
  • Great for kids
  • It can even be used as a pool volleyball set.
  • Starts from $47.89

Finally – If you are looking for the best portable beach volleyball net in the world click here.

Wilson_OPTX_AVP newest beach volleyballs

Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball Review

The breakthrough design of the Wilson OPTX AVP Tour Game Volleyball brings a whole new visual approach to the beach. New VST (visual spin technology) uses strategic color variance to enhance the human eye’s ability to detect spin on the ball. VST uses color variance to allow easier spin detection, so you can read and react to where the game is going. The vibrant color palette and Optic Flow graphics allow for better ball tracking in the dynamic and diverse environments of beach volleyball.

You might also want to check out our TOP 8 NEWEST BEACH VOLLEYBALLS IN 2020

Released on April 23, 2020, Wilson OPTX AVP is the newer model of the Wilson AVP Official Game Ball. The OPTX uses a new visual design with the same construction as the original AVP game ball, so players can expect the same signature performance. The OPTX is also designed specifically for the beach game and its players, reimaging what a beach volleyball should look like.


  • Enhanced ball tracking
  • Superior spin detection
  • Signature performance
  • Built for the beach
  • AVP Official
  • Color: Yellow
  • Material: Composite
  • Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods
  • Age Range: Adult
  • Date First Available : April 23, 2020

Wilson OPTX AVP balls newest beach volleyballs

Here are some great customer reviews on the Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball:

 “Excellent ball for playability as you would expect. This time of year almost all our matches are under the lights. This ball sure stands out.”

“Great quality, super fast delivery. The balls I received was made in China. Perfectly inflated, couldn’t be happier 👌🏻”

“After playing too many seasons of bar league volleyball with flat ripped balls I finally purchased my own to bring. I love this ball. Enough of us started buying and bringing our own that the bar took notice and they purchased this same ball to replace all their others.

Be forewarned that this ball will need breaking in. Many people complained that this ball was too hard to play with during the first couple of months. With enough play and a few rounds in the dryer on low the ball is softer and no more complaints!”

Always be always one step ahead on your beach volleyball game with the Wilson OPTX AVP Official Beach Volleyball!