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The Benefits Of Playing Volleyball

Benefits of Playing Volleyball

Whether it’s the rush, adrenalin, speed, spikes, pure athleticism and challenging nature of the game, there is no disputing the power of volleyball and people’s love and pure enjoyment of the sport. Since it’s Olympic Games debut – Indoor Volleyball earned its Olympic status at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games while Beach Volleyball was officially included on the Olympic programme in 1996 – volleyball has continued to grow and is today considered one of the most popular sports in the world. And the benefits of the game are truly endless.

Volleyball is a great team sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. One of the many benefits of volleyball is the fact that it can be played year-round in both an indoor and outdoor setting. Aside from the pure enjoyment of the game, there are several reasons why people play volleyball. It’s a great bonding activity for friends and family. It acts as an alternative and highly effective way of reaching your fitness goals in a fun engaging way. Others simply love the game and play volleyball for pure enjoyment. Whatever your reason may be, the physical, mental and emotional benefits of playing volleyball are unparalleled.

There are a number of reasons why people play volleyball. It is a fun way to bond with family and friends. And it’s an alternative way of reaching fitness goals. Others simply play volleyball for fun and entertainment. Whatever your reason may be, you will reap the benefits of playing volleyball.


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The Benefits Of Playing Volleyball - Cardiovascular

Whether you play indoors, on the grass or on the beach, volleyball is an outstanding way to stay fit and healthy. Volleyball is considered an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. As volleyball includes the integration of optimal physical activity combined with a variety of movements such as running, jumping, hitting and squatting, it can have a profound positive impact on your cardiovascular and respiratory health. It’s no secret that regular physical activity, such as playing volleyball, is an excellent and highly effective way to improve your circulation, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing. Playing volleyball is a great way to get your heart rate up (due to its strong cardiovascular component) thereby helping your body circulate more blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout your system.  When you get a healthy dose of exercise, like playing volleyball, it gets you up and moving – and boosts your endorphins. There is a reason why they say sitting and lack of movement is considered the silent killer of our time. Movement truly is key, and the more you move the better. And let’s be honest, playing volleyball, whether it’s indoor, beach or sitting volleyball, just makes movement a whole lot more fun!

In addition, playing volleyball and exercising regularly also enhances your respiratory capacity and energy levels, this will ultimately improve your overall health and wellbeing. Playing volleyball and participating in regular physical activity and exercise will significantly improve your fitness levels, general a state of wellbeing and your cardiovascular and respiratory health. Which will result in some of the following additional health benefits:

  • Improves the health of your heart and overall cardiac function, thereby reducing your risk of developing cardiovascular disease and any cardiovascular related complications.
  • Improved cardiovascular health and regular physical activity aids in lowering your blood pressure and decreases harmful cholesterol levels.
  • It decreases your risk of developing conditions such as Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Atherosclerosis (a main cause of heart attacks in many individuals), as well as many kinds of cancers and stroke, to mention just a few.
  • Playing volleyball and participating in regular exercise also aids in the prevention of developing chronic lung disease, improves your overall lung capacity and enhances the blood flow to your lungs. Thereby allowing your lungs to deliver more oxygen into your blood – Thereby enhancing your overall blood oxygen levels.
  • Regular participation in exercise improves your immune function, which reduces your chance of infections and becoming sick.

Volleyball is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It involves running, jumping, hitting and even squatting which will get your heart pumping and your lungs going. Getting your heart rate up will result in the efficient circulation of blood and other nutrients throughout your body, which improves your overall health.  Playing volleyball regularly helps keep your heart healthy which in turn helps to prevent diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

#2 Build Muscle, Flexibility & Endurance

One of the advantages of playing volleyball is without a doubt the development of your muscular system as well as the building, strengthening, and toning of important muscle groups. Volleyball is a physically demanding sport is volleyball,  regardless of whether you’re playing professionally or for fun. It requires a considerable level of muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, and agility. Volleyball can be taxing on your musculoskeletal system, demanding high levels of exertion during serves and back-and-forth rallies as well as maintaining a sufficient level of stamina and endurance as you move back and forth on the court.

benefits of playing volleyball

Volleyball requires the use of several primary and secondary muscle groups, giving the entire body a workout which tones, builds, and strengthens the upper body, arms, shoulders, wrists, abdominals, core, thighs, and lower legs. Nearly every facet of play requires strong chest muscles, upper body and core muscle strength, while peak levels of strength, power, and endurance are needed by leg muscles. Volleyball is regarded as one of the best and most enjoyable full-body workouts since it uses every muscle in your body and requires them to work together.

Here are a few additional musculoskeletal benefits of playing volleyball and participating in regular exercise:

  • Regular exercise results in stronger muscles and bones.
  • As you age, by participating in regular physical activity, you will have less chance of developing serious joint problems and fractures, and your balance (and chances of falling) will be reduced.
  • Exercise increases the size and strength of your muscle fibres.
  • Exercise increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons.
  • Exercise increases the number and density of the capillaries that supply blood to your skeletal muscles.
  • Exercise increases the number and the size of the mitochondria (the power plants) in your muscle tissue, which allows your muscle to burn more energy.

Another benefit of playing volleyball is that it helps improve the muscular system. Volleyball is physically demanding and requires muscular strength and power. When playing, you need to exert effort during serves in order for the ball to reach the opponents’ court. You also need to exert significant force when hitting the ball during rallies. Playing volleyball helps to tone the core muscles and strengthens the upper body, arms and shoulders as well as the thighs and lower legs muscles.


The Benefits Of Volleyball - Joint Health

Regular exercise has the incredible benefit of improving overall joint health. Volleyball is a great sport that enables a variety of individuals to participate in regular physical activity that is not only fun, but highly productive and beneficial too. Volleyball strengthens all the primary and secondary muscles that surround your joints. Enhanced muscle strength around your joints, allows for increased pressure and load to be lifted off your joints during movements as your muscles are now able to better support and stabilize your joints. Therefore, when you are executing various movements and actions, your muscles are able to take the load instead of your joints. This significantly improving your overall joint health as well as potentially preventing further joint problems from coming into play at a later stage. Building optimal levels of strength in the right muscles and maintaining that strength is the key to both supporting and protecting your joints, not only now, but in the future as well. This is particularly important if you are wanting to pursue a long and prosperous active life.


Despite what most people might think, it is not only cardiovascular exercise that burns calories and results in weight loss. In fact, it is the combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength and endurance training that achieves the best weight loss goals. And volleyball truly has it all! When playing volleyball, it requires your body to be in a constant state of motion. You must move with the ball, shuffle, sprint, jump, block and dive. It’s no surprise that playing volleyball has been named as one of the greatest facilitators in achieving optimal weight loss goals.

One of the top benefits of playing volleyball is that it helps you burn a significant number of calories due to its physically demanding nature which is one of the most important components of a weight loss or maintenance program. Essentially, in order for weight loss to occur, your calorie expenditure needs to exceed your calorie intake. Therefore the greater the number of calories you burn by staying physically active and participating in regular exercise, the more successful you will be with your weight loss journey.

Playing volleyball, whether it’s on a competitive or recreational level, can be incredibly successful in helping you reach your desired weight loss objectives and desired weight goal over an extended period. It has been estimated that playing an indoor volleyball game can help you burn up to 385 calories in 1 hour, while a beach volleyball game can help you burn close to 600 calories in just 45 minutes. The main difference in the increased rate of calories burned during a beach volleyball game attributed to the increased level of physical exertion, energy and effort required to move around on the sand during the game as opposed to a solid court in indoor volleyball.

In addition, due to the increased number of calories burnt while playing volleyball, it also gives your body the added advantage of effectively maintaining a positive ratio between muscle and fat. Playing volleyball has a positive effect on your body fat percentage and the muscle ratio of your entire body. Which is particularly important for professional players as well as those looking to reach a more competitive level.

Not only does volleyball help to tone and strengthen your muscles, it also facilitates weight loss. Playing volleyball burns up calories which can result in significant weight loss over an extended period of time. An indoor volleyball game can help you burn up to 385 calories in 1 hour, while a beach volleyball game can help you burn close to 600 calories in just 45 minutes. The difference in the rate of calories burned is because with beach volleyball more effort is required to move around the sand court.


Another benefit of playing volleyball is that it can significantly improve your hand-eye-coordination. With the quick movements of the ball and having to constantly be aware of where the ball  is during play, you have to not only see it, but also be able to make split minute decisions on how to handle and react to the ball should it come your way. This is exactly where optimum levels of hand-eye-coordination comes in to play.

When you serve, it is vital that you follow the ball with your eyes and strike at exactly the right point and time. On defence, it is absolutely crucial to keep your eyes on the ball at all times. Move as the ball moves, react with the necessary level of intent, purpose and speed to where the ball is going and get yourself into the right position to make a play. In addition, when it comes to setting, good hand-eye-coordination gives you the extra edge you need to see where your hitters are at all times in order to give them a good set. It’s therefore apparent that optimal hand-eye-coordination is a crucial skill in every movement and aspect of playing volleyball. From serving, hitting, blocking, tossing, and constantly staying on-top of everything that’s happening in the game.

Playing volleyball is therefore one of the best sports to improve your hand-eye-coordination. In fact, studies have shown that volleyball players have better hand-eye coordination than those who do not play volleyball. Thereby giving volleyball players a competitive edge when it comes to this aspect of play. It has also been found that there is a direct positive correlation between the amount of time a person has been playing volleyball and an increase in their hand-eye coordination abilities. As the age old saying goes, what you put in is what you get out!


The Benefits Of Volleyball - Hand Eye Co Ordination

In addition to improved hand-eye-coordination, another benefit of playing volleyball is that it can improve your reflexes and reaction time. As the ball often comes pelting towards you at a significant speed, especially when it’s spiked by another player, you will need to rely on your reflexes in order to react and play the ball.

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. The more volleyball you play, the more you will develop and improve your hand-eye-coordination, reflexes and reaction time. It has been shown that improved hand-eye coordination, enhanced reflexes and reaction time is beneficial in all aspects of daily life, not only on the volleyball court. All three of these skills are beneficial to have in many other sports. So, if you’re more of a recreational player that enjoys a fun game here and there, volleyball’s ability to enhance your hand-eye co-ordination, reflexes and reaction time will be a significant contributor to your performance in other related sports that you are passionate about.

Another benefit of playing volleyball is that it improves hand-eye coordination. Playing volleyball requires a certain amount of hand-eye coordination for proper execution of serves, hits, blocks, and tosses. During the game you should keep your eyes on the ball and your hand ready to hit it whenever necessary. The constant need for good hand-eye coordination will actually increase your abilities over time. An improved hand-eye coordination is beneficial not only during volleyball games but also in your daily activities. Studies have shown that volleyball players have better hand-eye coordination than those who are not. It has also been found that there is a direct positive correlation between the amount of time a person has been playing volleyball and an increase in their hand-eye coordination abilities.


Volleyball is an intense and physically demanding sport that can yield remarkable results. Especially if they’re looking to play at a highly competitive level. And if not, volleyball will undoubtedly put you through your paces. Volleyball players must have a certain level of speed, agility, coordination, stamina, flexibility, rapid reflexes, power and endurance in order to be successful on the court. All these skills and physical abilities are trained, nurtured and developed throughout the course of practice and play in both indoor and beach volleyball. Volleyball is a sport that trains all your senses, challenges and develops your skills and abilities, targets all your muscle groups and in many cases pushes you to your physical limits.

Improved balance, speed, flexibility and stamina is one of the most important benefits of playing volleyball. Volleyball is an intense sport that trains all your senses and challenges your skills. Players are required to serve, pass, set, attack, block and dig the ball. Playing volleyball develops good balance, quick reflexes, and flexibility. Playing regularly also develops your stamina.


Whether it’s serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking, digging, spiking, jumping, lunging, shuffling, or sprinting, a player’s core is involved in every single action when playing volleyball. An exceptionally strong core is vital to every volleyball player’s performance. As well as their ability to avoid injury while training or playing. Strong core muscles are responsible for stabilizing the spine and pelvis as well as generating and transferring energy from the centre of the body to its extremities. As volleyball involves a range of movements and actions to be executed throughout the duration of the game (many of which aids in strengthening a player’s core), developing a strong core is a major benefit of volleyball.

The Benefits Of Playing Volleyball - Strong Core Absr

Developing core strength and stability enables players to further maximize their power output and perform complex athletic movements that require coordination, balance, and technical skills. Playing volleyball greatly helps in improving player’s balance thanks to its workout on their core muscles. In turn, having optimal balance positively contributes to a player’s performance on the court, especially if they’re playing on an unstable surface such as sand or grass where a greater degree of stability is required.

Optimal core strength and stability enables players to control their body position, generate power, and transfer force along the kinetic chain when performing various actions throughout the game. Increased core strength also provides players with the enhanced level of core stability needed to execute rotational movements that require one’s body to shift weight smoothly from one side to the other such as spiking the ball. Essentially, it can be said that optimal core strength and stability is absolutely vital to maximising a player’s overall body strength and power output during a volleyball game. Core strength and stability can also help players reduce their risk of injury by helping them stabilize weak injury-prone areas and muscles. Developing a strong core is one of the top benefits of playing volleyball and should be a key focus of any volleyball player’s training program.


Volleyball requires agility, acceleration, vertical jumping and the ability to change direction at any point in time. As a result, another benefit of playing volleyball is its ability to significantly strengthen your stabiliser muscles in a way that other sports don’t. Let’s take regular road running for example. Running is typically considered a linear sport. This means your body is in a constant state of motion, typically in the same direction without any sudden direction changes, pivoting, jumping etc. Although a certain amount of ankle and hip stability is required (depending on your fitness and strength levels), it is vastly different to a game of volleyball. From sudden direction changes, accelerating, decelerating, jumping, pivoting, side shuffling, rapid changes in motion, volleyball includes it all and then some. This means that the practicing and playing involved in volleyball not only strengthens your gross/primary muscles (large muscle groups), but all the smaller stabiliser muscles surrounding your joints in order to make all these rapid agility movements possible without getting injured. This is vital to all aspects of agility.


Your metabolism is how much energy your body burns in order to give it the energy you need to perform certain tasks or physical activities. Regular physical activity, such as playing volleyball, has the added benefit of increasing your metabolic rate. Essentially, your metabolic rate is the rate at which your metabolism occurs and therefore the rate at which your body burns calories. Cardiovascular exercise, which is an integral component of playing volleyball, stimulates your metabolism and increases your metabolic rate, thereby enhancing the number of calories you burn per unit of time. In addition to the cardiovascular component, building lean muscle mass by playing regular games of volleyball can increase your resting metabolic rate (which is the amount of calories your body burns while at rest).  Vigorous exercise like a tough and gruelling game of volleyball has the ability to further increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercise.

In addition to an enhanced metabolic rate greatly improves your overall metabolic function, which in turn results in a variety of metabolic benefits that helps in maintaining and improving your general health and wellbeing. Some of these metabolic benefits of regular exercise and playing volleyball include:

  • An increased ability for your muscles to burn fat more efficiently.
  • Exercise increases the mobilization of fatty acids into your bloodstream from your fat deposits. This, combined with your muscles’ enhanced fat-burning potential, can ‘tune’ your metabolism into more of a fat-burning machine. Thereby significantly increasing the number of calories you burn, further contributing towards enhanced weight loss potential.
  • Regular exercise in the form of playing volleyball aids in reducing your triglyceride blood levels, as well as increases your HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).
  • Exercise reduces insulin resistance. Regular exercise helps to prevent type 2 diabetes in people who are at increased risk for this disease.
The Benefits Of Playing Volleyball 2


Playing volleyball significantly enhances your aerobic capacity. Essentially one’s aerobic capacity is the measure of the ability of your heart and lungs to get oxygen to your muscles. It is your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen to improve your aerobic performance. The better your aerobic capacity, the better your performance on the volleyball court or any other physical pursuit or sport you choose to participate in. But how exactly does this work? Regular aerobic exercise, in the form of volleyball, improves your cardiovascular fitness by increasing your capacity to use oxygen. It does this by increasing your heart’s capacity to send blood (and hence oxygen) to the muscles. Thereby enhancing your performance.

According to Well Source’s Aerobic Mile Chart, you expend the same amount of energy playing an easy, slow-paced game of volleyball for 20 minutes as you would jogging one mile. When playing a more intense game of volleyball, you use the same amount of energy in just 12 minutes as someone jogging a mile.


As you continue to play volleyball on a regular basis, whether professionally or recreationally, you will greatly increase your endurance levels in order to sustain your performance for longer periods of time. In addition to increased levels of endurance, exercise further improves your energy levels by boosting your blood circulation and strengthening your heart and cardiac function. Ultimately resulting in an optimal state of health and wellbeing as well as enhanced energy levels and performance. Simply put, physical activity sends more oxygen and nutrients to tissues. Due to this, you automatically start to feel energetic.

Volleyball is a relatively demanding sport, it will substantially raise your heart rate while you play. This will allow for a greater degree of blood to be pumped throughout your body, which gives you a higher blood oxygen level, allowing you to have way more energy right throughout your day.

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benefits of playing volleyball


In addition to all the incredible physical benefits of playing volleyball, volleyball has a profound positive impact on one’s mental and emotional health and wellbeing. When you work together with a team of individuals to achieve a common goal, you will not only strengthen your friendships and relationships within that team, but feel a sense of group cohesion. You will feel like you are ultimately part of something bigger than yourself. And the best thing is, all the positive feelings you get from playing volleyball will transfer over to other areas and aspects of your life off the court as well! Team sports such as volleyball are a fantastic way to improve your self-confidence, self-esteem, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, increase your levels of motivation and drive to succeed and enhance your overall sense of happiness. Here are some of the incredible and potentially far-reaching mental and emotional benefits of playing volleyball.


One of the emotional benefits of volleyball is the ability to develop and improve your interpersonal skills. Volleyball is a team sport, it gives you the ability to meet new people, make new friends, build relationships and foster social connections you otherwise wouldn’t have. Volleyball requires that teammates work cooperatively, and at a fast pace, this requires good communication and teamwork.

The Emotional Benefits Of Playing Volleyball - vince-fleming

Another integral benefit of playing volleyball, is that it allows players to develop important skill sets such as communication, cooperation, and teamwork. As you play, communicate and interact with your teammates on the court, you quickly come to realise that in order to be successful and achieve a common goal, you need to work as a cohesive unit. You learn the importance of working together with others to ultimately achieve a desired common end goal. A study conducted in June 2008 revealed that people that participated in regular team sports such as volleyball, also developed better networking, leadership and cooperation skills than those who didn’t, they were also able to handle wins and losses appropriately, which are valuable characteristics to have when dealing with various situations in life.

This enhanced level of teamwork and interaction with your fellow teammates will build a sense of group cohesion as well as contribute towards fostering a network of emotional support. Volleyball cannot be played by one person alone. Volleyball therefore teaches you to value, respect and rely on others. As the bonds with your team members continue to grow, you will become more intuitive on how a specific team member plays, this will give you an extra edge to know where to be in order to help them or to be set up by them. And that is what it is to be part of a well working, close knit and well managed team.

Being part of a team will provide you with a solid support structure that you might otherwise be lacking. Team members encourage, support, and cheer one another on both during practice and throughout the game in order to motivate them to perform to the best of their abilities. But above all, being part of a strong solid team means each team member has each other’s back. Win or lose, they are in it together! One of the greatest benefits is the bond volleyball builds among players that helps them develop strong interpersonal skills and builds teamwork. These skills go a long way in life and extend far beyond what happens on the court. Having strong interpersonal skills and a great teamwork mentality will benefit you immensely in the corporate/working world where you need to work, interact and communicate with your fellow co-workers and superiors. As well as building healthy relationships with various people in all aspects of your life.

Volleyball does not only benefit you physically, it also a great way to make new friends and develop your interpersonal skills. It is a team sport, which means it requires cooperation and teamwork. When you interact with your teammates, you learn how to work as part of a team and learn how to work well with others in attaining a common goal, that is, to win.

This interaction with team members also provides an emotional network of support. Team members encourage one another during practice and in the game to do their best because every player’s effort contributes to the success or failure of the team. Interaction among team members also helps you learn how to value and respect your teammates. Whether you win or lose, volleyball creates a bond between players which helps them develop their interpersonal skills. These skills go a long way in life, creating healthy relationships with other people.


To tie in with the above-mentioned benefits of playing volleyball (increased interpersonal skills and enhanced teamwork among players), playing volleyball in a team leads to regular social interaction with others. Whether it be with your fellow teammates, coaches, new members that have joined the team or people you have met through your fellow team members. Several studies have supported the theory that regular social interaction, such as playing a team sport, significantly boosts feelings of happiness, contentment and fosters a sense of belonging and value. It helps individuals feel as if they are a part of a group that is working together towards achieving a common goal. Thereby giving them the opportunity to feel a sense of importance and purpose and that they are part of something bigger than themselves. Spending time with friends and team mates also makes you feel valued and loved, which ultimately translates into a greater sense of happiness.

The Emotional Benefits Of Playing Volleyball - Teams


One of the proven benefits of volleyball and participating in regular exercise is the fact that it can substantially reduce your stress and anxiety levels. When you are physically active and participate in a fun sport such as volleyball, you provide your mind with a much-needed distraction from daily life stressors. This can help you block out or avoid getting dragged down by negative thought patterns. Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body, while at the same time stimulating the production of endorphins. Also known as the ‘Happy Hormone’. Endorphins are chemicals produced in your brain which makes you feel happy and allows you to experience a sense of euphoria and elation. Endorphins essentially act as natural mood lifters that can keep stress and depression at bay. The release of Endorphins after a fun and challenging volleyball game may even leave you feeling more relaxed and optimistic, thereby substantially reducing your levels of stress and anxiety.

Research reports also show that participating in regular exercise and team sports such as volleyball helps in controlling depression. In fact, some psychologists prescribe exercise or sports as a part of their treatment protocol for the individual suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

Volleyball also benefits the emotional and mental health of players. It is a fun exercise which reduces stress and anxiety. It can also help in managing mood swings and even alleviate depression. Exercise causes your brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced in your brain which makes you feel happy, experiencing a sense of euphoria and elation, and it decreases the effects of stress and anxiety.


In addition to reducing your levels of stress and anxiety, playing volleyball can improve your overall mood and provide you with a burst of happiness and relaxation. Whether you’re playing volleyball on a recreational or competitive level or merely having fun with friends and fellow volleyball lovers, being physically active triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. Thereby improving your overall mood and state of mind significantly. Team sports are particularly beneficial as they provide you with the chance to unwind and have some fun, all while engaging in a satisfying physical challenge that gives you the opportunity to improve your fitness and strengthen your muscles,  giving you the best of both.


One of the most important emotional and personal benefits is that volleyball has the ability to improve your self-esteem and build your self-confidence. The regular exercise that comes with playing volleyball can help you become fit, strong, and healthy and achieve exceptional physical goals you never thought possible. As your strength, skills, stamina, fitness, weight, mental state, confidence, health, and wellbeing improves through playing volleyball, so does your self-image. In turn the way you feel about yourself improves. The feeling of happiness, support, acceptance and belonging that comes along with being a part of a team, will do wonders for boosting your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Knowing that you are contributing to the attainment of the team’s goals will make you feel significant and valued and that you are part of something great. This renewed sense of vigour, energy and confidence will undoubtedly transfer to incredible successes and achievements off the playing field as well

Volleyball does not only improve your mood, it also helps to improve our self-esteem. Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. Volleyball helps you lose weight, build muscles, and reduces stress which makes you feel good about yourself. The feeling of belonging to a team also boosts self-confidence. It encourages pride in your accomplishments as a team member. Knowing that you are contributing to the attainment of the team’s goal will make you feel significant.


When you become part of a team it is absolutely essential that you develop good sportsmanship. Learning what good sportsmanship is and how to positively apply it is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits of playing volleyball. For thousands of years, good sportsmanship has been the golden rule in sports. In essence, sportsmanship is the behaviour and attitude that demonstrates your level of respect for the rules of the game, respect for the judgment of referees and officials as well as the respect to your opponents and your fellow team members. Playing volleyball teaches you the value of hard work, teamwork, respect and fairness. It teaches you the faithful observance of the rules as well as how to accept both defeat and a win graciously. That is the true demonstration of character and the display of good sportsmanship.

One of the most important benefits of playing volleyball is learning what sportsmanship is. Sportsmanship is the golden rule in sports. It is the behavior and attitude that show respect for the rules of the game, respect for the judgment of referees and officials, and respect to your opponents. Playing volleyball teaches the value of hard work and fairness. It teaches the faithful observance of the rules. It also teaches you how to accept defeat and how to win graciously.

#7 Improves Leadership Traits

Volleyball can breed and develop important leadership traits. Studies done on high school players revealed a correlation between team sport participation and leadership qualities. These traits and qualities can develop and grow at any age and carry over into all aspects of adult life. The improvement in men’s and women’s leadership traits is mainly owed to the fact that when players participate in a team sport, they have the opportunity to train, try, win, or lose together. These individuals are therefore more naturally inclined to adopt a “team mindset” in the workplace, in social situations and in all other aspects of life. This strong team mindset ultimately leads to strong leadership qualities over time.

#8 Improves Your Communication Skills

Volleyball significantly improves your communication skills. When playing volleyball in a team setting, players need to be in constant communication with their team members in order to ensure every player knows exactly what is going on, where they’re needed and how they can assist each other. Communication, or the lack thereof, can often make the difference between a win or a loss. You can simply not just pass the ball to one of your teammates and hope they somehow realise it is coming their way. Or expect a fellow player to execute the desired game plan if they don’t even know what it is. In a team sport, communication is key! You will not win if everyone on the team is not on the same page, players are trying to be the star of the show and no one is communicating with each other.

Communication is an integral component to playing as a cohesive unit with a common team mission to achieve a common team goal. It’s therefore safe to say that good communication on the court is the key to great teamwork, great execution and ultimately a great game played.

#9 Volleyball Improves Cognitive Stimulation & Functioning & Concentration

It has been found that the physical exertion involved in playing volleyball can improve both perpetual and cognitive functioning in players. A recent study conducted on the positive effects of playing volleyball on one’s health and wellbeing found that the sport boosts memory, control, and visuo-spatial attention. Volleyball players have also been found to possess better cognitive functions while performing challenging tasks as well as displayed an enhanced sport-cognition relationship for faster physical activity.

There is a direct link between volleyball training and psychological performance. It targets various aspects of the brain associated with learning, memory, and concentration. Volleyball players are thus able to make strategic decisions and carry out daily tasks at a faster rate. The enhanced cognitive skills in volleyball players is mainly attributed to the challenging and physically demanding nature of the sport. During a volleyball game, players are required to remain alert and pay attention to the movements of the ball at all times. This has a profound impact on boosting their concentration levels. Which in turn carries over to their daily lives. The quick response time and fast reflexes required during a volleyball game boosts the player’s ability to make faster decisions at the right time. Volleyball is therefore a great sport to play for both kids and adults that have a tough time focussing and concentrating.

Regular exercise and participation in team sports also helps keep your key mental skills sharp as you age. This includes critical thinking, learning, and using good judgment. In addition, research has shown that doing a mix of aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, of which volleyball includes a great combination of both, is particularly beneficial in this regard.

#10 Promotes Better Sleep & Enhanced Alertness During The Day

There’s a substantial body of scientific evidence that supports the idea that participating in regular exercise, such as playing volleyball, can promote better sleep at night as well as enhance alertness during the day. Thereby leaving you feeling well rested and more energised to tackle the day ahead.

Regular exercise can significantly improve your sleep duration as well as the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that increased physical activity increases the time you spend in ‘deep sleep’. This is known as the most physically restorative sleep phase. Enhanced levels of deep sleep will help boost immune function, support cardiac health, and control stress and anxiety.

Enhanced levels of stress and anxiety is known to be a common cause of sleep problems and disorders including having trouble falling asleep and sleeping restlessly during the night. As mentioned before, one of the many benefits of playing volleyball is the fact that it has the ability to significantly reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Thereby further promoting better sleep.

It’s therefore safe to say that playing volleyball, and making exercise a regular part of your day, contributes to more restful sleep, reduced levels of stress as well as improved health and wellbeing. Scientific evidence has even indicated that exercise can be an effective natural therapy for insomnia. In addition, studies have found that exercise can also help lower the severity of sleep disordered breathing and may help to reduce the severity of obstructive sleep apnea.

#11 It’s A Great Way To Meet People

One of the greatest social benefits of playing volleyball is the fact that it is a great way to meet people. As volleyball is a team sport, it gives you the ability to meet new people, make new friends, build relationships and foster social connections you otherwise wouldn’t have. Whether you join a pick-up game, a recreational league, or your local school’s team, chances are you won’t always know everyone that walks on the court with you. This makes playing volleyball a great social sport to meet new people outside of your normal circle of friends.

#12 Helps You Take Charge & Step Up To The Plate

In many situations in life, some of us like to sit back, fade into the background and let others take charge and lead the way. However, one of the incredible things about team sports is the fact that every team member has a role to play and a skill to contribute. In team sports, everyone is equal and everyone is in it together, win or lose. Participating in a team sport has the unique ability to encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and put them in a position to take charge. Which is something they otherwise would never have done. The simple truth is, in volleyball, once the ball comes over the net someone must get it. When playing a game of volleyball and you are the setter, you will have to call for the second hit and receive the ball. However, if you are not the setter and the ball is coming closer towards you, then you will need to take charge and take the ball. Thereby placing you in the position to step up and take control of the situation.

Volleyball is a fast paced and demanding game, and things change at a rapid rate. This varying gameplay requires you to make quick on-the-spot decisions, whether you will stand down or call out for the ball. And when you do decide to take control and make a good play as a result of it, it will only enhance and build your confidence. With your teammates backing and supporting you every step of the way. But that’s not all, this new sense of confidence will undoubtedly transcend the court and help you to start taking more charge and control both on and off the court.

#13 Develop Emotional Connections

Players ultimately end up building very strong emotional connections with their team members. Volleyball team members often make strong connections that extend far beyond the volleyball court and locker room. Whether you play on a recreational, collegiate or competitive level, or merely enjoy a pick-up game or two, you end up spending a great deal of time with your fellow team members. It’s therefore no surprise that many of them become your friends and in many cases even your support system off the court. The interaction you have with your team members on a regular basis and the bond you build with each other, essentially acts as an emotional network of support. Especially to those members of your team that may have transferred to a new area or are just starting out. This connection can ultimately have a variety of benefits. From encouraging you to remain active within training and the sport (which keeps you fit, healthy, active and on-top of your game), to helping each other remain positive, happy, optimistic and on the right track. There are a variety of ways you can provide emotional support to your fellow team members. In turn, just as much as you are there for your team members, they are definitely there for you too!

#14 It Teaches You Accountability

Being a team member of a team sport such as volleyball teaches you accountability. Being part of a team means it’s no longer just about you. It’s about the team. Sometimes plays are not always going to be successful. You are not always going to win. Players are going to make mistakes and as a result there will be consequences. And when you do make a mistake, miss a pass, let an opportunity slip through your fingers, call the wrong play or mess up the winning spike, the best thing to do is to admit your mistake and take responsibility and accountability for your actions instead of blaming it on another player or making an excuse. Being part of a well-working and cohesive team, means the team wins and loses together. And if every team member is accountable for their actions, there is absolutely no reason why team members won’t continue to support, respect, uplift and encourage one another. It’s safe to say that another one of the amazing benefits of paying volleyball is that it teaches you accountability and how to take responsibility for your actions. Which will undoubtedly carry over to other aspects of your daily life as well.


Another amazing benefit of playing volleyball is the fact that it has the potential to drastically improve your level of motivation and drive and ability to succeed. As a team player, your cooperative efforts and performance throughout the game leads to the success or failure of your team. When your team wins, you share and celebrate in that win. You feel a sense of accomplishment, pride, self-acceptance and success. Both within yourself and as a team member. This can further improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall sense of happiness. Playing volleyball can greatly improve your motivation, passion and drive to succeed. As it constantly fuels you to be better, not only for yourself, but your entire team.

However, similarly, when your team loses, an internal drive and sense of determination and motivation kicks in to lift your team up, be a support system and work harder for the next game. Through the losses you experience, you learn patience, perseverance and persistence. Three very important lessons and skills that not only further motivates and drive you to succeed, but reach your desired end goals, both on and off the court.

One of the greatest benefits of playing volleyball is the support and encouragement you receive from your team members. You come to realise that your team members will always be there to encourage you, cheer you on and be your biggest supporters. They will always have your back. And in turn, you will always have theirs. As a team player, you support each other whether you win or lose, thereby encouraging, motivating and driving each other to succeed every step of the way. And that’s the beauty of being a part of a team!

Having a deep-rooted sense of motivation and an innate drive to succeed has been identified as one of the key cornerstones to all athletic effort and accomplishments. It is the one thing that sets one athlete apart from the other. Ask yourself this, if you have two equally matched volleyball players in terms of physical skill, fitness, experience and athletic ability, why does the one rise to the top and the other one doesn’t? What separates them? The answer is simple really, motivation, an unwavering drive to succeed and a ‘never give up’ attitude. That’s the difference. It is the one skill that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t. And when you have it, the flood gates will open to an endless range of opportunities and possibilities you never knew existed before. And suddenly all your hard work will pay off.

“The will to win is more important than the skill to win. It is possible to achieve only what you actively pursue. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Keep your head high and work hard every day, because you’ll never get that day back.” – Lloy Ball (Famous Volleyball Player – He is currently the only USA male player to play in four Olympic Games for indoor volleyball.)

The Emotional Benefits Of Playing Volleyball 2

#16 Volleyball Helps With Treatment & Rehabilitation

Many rehabilitation facilities all around the world have volleyball courts in order to aid patients in their injury recovery and rehabilitation process.

From all the above information, it is clear that there are without a doubt many physical, mental and emotional benefits of playing volleyball and why volleyball has a place in treatment facilities. In addition to the sense of community it builds, volleyball has the ability to keep patients physically, emotionally and mentally strong throughout the rehabilitation process. Volleyball and the variety of strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and agility drills associated with it, is great for end-stage rehabilitation protocols of certain injuries for patients looking to return to sport.

In conclusion, the benefits of playing volleyball are so much more incredible and far reaching than many might realise. Besides the exceptional physical benefits such as enhanced cardiovascular health, muscular strength, hand-eye-coordination, weight maintenance, agility, speed, stamina, endurance, reflexes and reaction time, to mention just a few. The mental and emotional benefits of playing volleyball are equally as astounding. From improved self-esteem, self-confidence, teamwork, interpersonal skills and a greater sense of happiness and belonging to reduced levels of stress, anxiety as well as enhanced social interaction, emotional connection, sense of accomplishment and so much more. The benefits of playing volleyball are truly unparalleled.

So get out there and play!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Volleyball

Here are our top 10 health benefits of playing volleyball.

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health – Cardio intensive exercise gets your heart rate up and keeps you fit.
2. Improves Your Muscular System – Volleyball promotes a strong and robust body as it requires various groups of muscles to play the game.
3. Improves Joint Health – Volleyball strengthens both the primary and secondary muscles around the joints which makes our joints strong and less prone to injury.
4. Weight Loss – The cardio aspect of volleyball helps burn calories and improves weightless. Volleyball not only stresses the cardio system, but also the muscular system which has been proven to burn fat faster.
5. Improves Hand Eye Co-Ordination – Volleyball requires fantastic hand eye co-ordination to play and improve.
6. Enhances Your Reflexes & Reaction Time – Playing games often requires quick decision making skills and reflexes to react and get to the ball and play it accurately.
7. Develop Agility, Speed, Coordination, Stamina & Flexibility – Volleyball is an all round game requiring you to have stamina and flexibility to play effectively.
8. Improves Core Strength, Flexibility & Speed
9. Improves Muscular Stabiliser Strength
10. Increases Your Metabolic Rate
11. Enhances Your Aerobic Capacity
12. Enhances Energy Levels

What Are The Emotional Benefits Of Volleyball?

Volleyball has many strong emotional and mental health benefits. Here is our list of them:

1. Improves Interpersonal Skills & Builds Teamwork
2. Social Interaction & Enhanced Sense Of Happiness & Belonging
3. Reduces Stress & Anxiety
4. Improves Your Mood
5. Develops Self Esteem & Boosts Confidence
6. Sportsmanship
7. Leadership
8. Communication Skills
9. Cognitive Stimulation & Functioning
10. Enhances Sleep & Alertness
11. Great Way To Meet People
12. Take Initiative
13. Develop Emotional Connections
14. Teaches Accountability
15. Motivation & The Drive To Succeed
16. Treatment & Rehabilitation

Can Volleyball help you lose weight?

Volleyball is a fantastic way to lose weight and stay fit. This is because whether you pay indoor or beach volleyball it requires you to use your whole body, your cardiovascular system, muscular system, agility, flexibility and strength. It has been shown that muscular activity combined with cardiovascular activity is the best way to loose with and burn more calories.

To learn more click here.

Why do volleyball players have nice bodies?

There are a few reason volleyball players have nice bodies. The main reason is that volleyball players spend a lot of time exercising during their games and practices. What is important is that volleyball requires a full body workout in order to play. It works your cardiovascular system as well as your muscular system which helps to burn calories and fat which promotes weight loss, however it also builds strong muscles taht are needed in order to jump, squat, run, sprint, pass, block and spike the ball.

Volleyball players tend to have nice bums as many of the moves in volleyball requires leg and flute strength. players squat and jump a lot during games and work to improve these moves during practice and training. Squatting and jumping works both the legs and bum muscles.

Does Volleyball make your thighs bigger?

Not all volleyball players have big thighs, but volleyball does require leg strength in order to jump, dig, block, squat and dive for the ball, so their legs get a good workout and strengthens the muscles in the calves, thighs and gluten ( bum ).

Volleyball players practice and train for leg strength to help them play, this often leads to beautiful strong muscular legs and bums. See “Why do volleyball players have nice bodies?” above.

How do you get a volleyball body?

The best way is to play volleyball! The second best way is to do similar exercises to those volleyball players do in training and that work the same muscles as they use during games.

These include:

Lunges, Body Squats, Push ups, Tricep dips, Burpees, Plank, Crucnhes, Russian Twists and Box Jumps to name a few.

Is Volleyball HIIT?

Yes volleyball can be considered High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT ). This is as volleyball requires dynamic, powerful movements for about 30 seconds at a time, then a short rest and then another interval session.

Think of every point played as one high intensity interval and then the set up for the next point as the brief rest period. This is especially true for beach volleyball as each point is slightly more taxing due to the nature of the deep sand.

International School Bangkok

Panther Volleyball (Bangkok Volleyball Academy) is committed to offering a positive child and junior athlete experience. We try to provide an energizing learning atmosphere that benefits everyone who participates in our programs. ISB mission at Bangkok Volleyball Academy is to educate volleyball basics by sharing our understanding of the game’s essential skills, regulations, and strategies. By providing the greatest training, nutritional, and mental components, ISB motivate athletes to achieve and attain their full potential. Coaches are committed to developing volleyball players and promoting poised conduct in a competitive, team-oriented atmosphere. Bangkok Volleyball Academy provides year-round instruction with our FIVB-certified trainers. Players interact with coaches who have competed at a variety of levels, including the Thai National League and the International League, as well as current college players. Additionally, ISB will host competitive matches against local tournament clubs/teams. ISB Volleyball Academy is available to all girls and boys with a love for the sport, regardless of talent level.


Not Specified


Not Specified


Address: 39/7 Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road, Amphur Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 Thailand

Phone: +66 (0) 2 583-5431-2   -OR-   +66 (0) 2963-5800

Email: [email protected]





Beach Box Camps

Beach Box Camps are more than an exciting vacation to a sunny beach; they are a recreational experience that includes training with the world’s greatest coaches and competing in beach volleyball in a team comprised of individuals from various nations. If you’re enthusiastic about beach volleyball and looking for an active holiday, our camps are a great fit. Surround yourself with breathtaking beauty, intriguing history, delectable cuisine, beaches, mountains, towns, and villages, and – most importantly – with the most incredible people. We’ve picked a lovely location — the island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand is a tropical paradise. Koh Phangan is a veritable treasure chest of natural splendor, entertainment, and much more. From its legendary parties to its immaculate beaches!


Camp Day

The camp includes a customized training program, two daily training sessions, one theoretical lecture, two beach cross fit classes, beach volleyball equipment, a camp shirt, and surprise gifts from sponsors, as well as a daily competition and a final tournament.

Camp Day Plan:

  • 8:oo-10:00AM wake-up & breakfast
  • 10:00-11: 30 AM first training
  • Free time – enjoying sea, sun & relax
  • Lunch
  • 2:30-4:00PM second training
  • Free time – playing volleyball, swimming in the sea, enjoying the evening and relaxing
  • 7:00 PM – dinner in the restaurant
  • 9:00 PM – drinks, enjoying the company, party at some beach bar
  • 1:00-2:00AM – bedtime


Individually, the sports package costs 320 EUR per person. The accommodation + sports package costs 790 EUR per person in a double room (half board). A double room (included in the price) costs 870 EUR per person. 1060 EUR per person for a single room (half board). And a single room is 1180 EUR (all-inclusive).



Phone: +371 29490707

Email: [email protected]




Volley Tours

Twice a year, Volley Tours turn Playa Gandia into “Sunsation Beach,” which includes the best sandy beach, world-class courts, and beach volleyball with players from all over the globe, ranging from novices to world tour pros. The moniker “home of beach volleyball” is not coincidental. Here, Volley Tours have reasonable and pleasant lodgings next to the Mediterranean, only a few flips and flops from the center court. Fill your days with games, lucrative practices, and difficult competitions, and then unwind to great songs at our after-beach events with the best mood.


Sunsation Beach

  • Exclusive beach area for Volley Tours guests
  • Play from sunrise to sunset
  • Tournaments every week for all levels
  • Up to 3 parties each week
  • Training for hobby & tournament players (also beginners)
  • Only 50m from the hotel to the courts
  • Daily fresh fruits and drinking water
  • Beautiful chill-zone & great beach club feeling
  • Beach DJ, fun-zone, soccer golf, cornhole, beach tennis
  • Free ball rentals (Mikasa VLS 300)
  • Many accommodation options for all travel budgets
  • A perfect volleyball vacation spot in the sun
  • Beach, fun, learning, parties, excursions & much more
  • Come as a player and leave as a friend


  • RH Hotel PARC + Training: € 659/ week
  • RH Hotel Bayren + Training: € 778 / week
  • Apartment + Training: € 484 / week



Phone: +46 812 400 636

Email: [email protected]




ISC International Spanish Courses

Combining Spanish language studies with top-notch volleyball instruction in the south of Spain is a winning combination! International Spanish Courses (ISC Spain) offers summer Spanish language programs that include athletic, cultural, and recreational activities, such as our Spanish and Volleyball camps. Our summer programs, located in the lovely city of Alicante on the Mediterranean coast, are open to boys and girls (ages 13-18) from all over the globe. You may also join our summer volleyball camp without enrolling in Spanish lessons.


Spanish and Volleyball Camp

Whether you are an experienced volleyball player or are interested in trying a new activity, our Volleyball lessons enable you to enjoy and practice at your own pace. Make new friends from all over the globe, see beautiful locations, and improve your Spanish language skills all while participating in your favorite sport. Each week, you will get 12 hours of volleyball instruction (Monday to Thursday). Each teacher has a maximum of seven pupils, guaranteeing that each student receives personalized attention. Classes are held on our campus and on the beach in Alicante, one of the nicest and most renowned beaches in the Mediterranean.


Summer Camp Spanish + Volleyball

  • 995.00 € – 1 week
  • 1,975.00 € – 2 weeks
  • 2,875.00 € – 3 weeks
  • 3,875.00 € – 4 weeks


Address: Paseo Ronda, 88 – 03600, Elda, Alicante, Spain


Phone: +34 966 449 904

Fax: +34 966 536 284

Email: [email protected]






USAVplay was created to give chances for younger players of all experience levels to enhance their abilities and confidence via high-energy, position-neutral, and developmentally appropriate camps and clinics. USAVplay offers both multi-day camps and pop-up events. These events will be based on the concepts of small-sided games, which have been shown to accelerate growth by increasing the number of chances athletes have to practice and compete with critical abilities. Additionally, these are not tryouts, and no one is expected to be “seen” or recruited. These are only for the sake of growth and enjoyment.


USAVplay Beach camps

USAVplay Beach camps are three-day activities where girls and boys aged U10-U15 (born between 2007 and 2012) may improve skills and confidence in a high-energy setting. The concepts of small-sided games will be used in the camps, which have been shown to aid speed well-rounded development by increasing the amount of opportunities athletes have to perform critical abilities throughout training and competition. Furthermore, they are not tryouts, and no one expects to be “seen” or recruited. These are only for personal growth and enjoyment.

Indoor USAVplay Camps

USAVplay Indoor camps are five-day activities that provide girls and boys ages U10-U15 (born between 2007 and 2012) with the chance to improve skills and confidence in a high-energy atmosphere. Camps will follow the concepts of small-sided games, which have been shown to assist speed well-rounded development by increasing the amount of opportunities players have to exercise critical skills throughout training and competition. Furthermore, these are not tryouts, and there is no expectation of being “seen” or recruited. These are only for growth and enjoyment.

Athletes will be divided into waves for each USAVplay camp according on their age as we examine the distribution in each registration. For example, U11-U12 competitors may be in the early wave, whereas U13-U15 athletes may be in the latter wave. We will distribute these wave breakdowns no later than one week before the start of camp so that families can arrange travel plans as required. Athletes may be categorized within those waves depending on age, gender, birthdate, grade, and other similar criteria.


Not Specified


Address: 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Phone: +1 719-228-6800

Fax: (719) 228-6899

Email: [email protected]







NVVA Summer Camp

Founded in 1997, NVVA has had a steady presence in Northern Virginia’s volleyball scene since its inception. Since its inception, NVVA has oversaw the division of Loudoun Young Volleyball (LYV), one of the most successful youth programs in the association. The recreational league serves about 1,300 middle and high school kids in Loudoun County, both male and female. Each autumn, the leagues begin in mid August and last until early November.


All Skills Camp

Through a combination of exercises, games, and competitive play, campers will concentrate on acquiring the appropriate basics for all talents. Campers are urged to participate in as many sessions as possible! Each session focuses on a different aspect of the game, assisting participants in all facets of the game.

High School Prep Camp

This program is specifically designed for athletes preparing for high school volleyball trials. Campers will get specialized instruction in the most cutting-edge approaches employed at the high school level. The first week of August will see the start of girls fall high school tryouts. Boys HS Season Assessments will begin the second weekend of August for Loudoun Youth Volleyball.

LYV Prep Camp

This session is designed to prepare participants for the Loudoun Youth Volleyball Assessments. Campers will get specific training in the evaluation skills.


All Skills Camp

  • Full Package $420
  • AM/PM Session Only $250
  • Single Day $180
  • Single Session $90

High School Prep Camp

  • Full Package $260
  • Single Day $140

LYV Prep Camp

  • Full Package $420
  • AM/PM Session Only $250
  • Single Day $180
  • Single Session $90


Address: 45685 Oakbrook Court, Sterling, VA 20166


Phone: (571) 313-1748

Email: [email protected] -OR- [email protected]




Appleman Volleyball Camp

Appleman Camps and Clinics are meant to build fundamentally sound players in young athletes via individual teaching, drill practice, and game play. These programs are very “participatory,” including both individual teaching and game play into the daily agenda to ensure a memorable camp experience.  The programs are full-day, all-skills courses. All Appleman Camps and Clinics are available to anybody who meets the minimum age requirement. Camps in 2021 will be held at Northeast Volleyball Club in Wilton, Connecticut.


Not Specified


$400.00 (*For all camps there will also be a $25.00 fee for any cancellation up to 2 weeks before the camp starts – after that the fee for cancellation is $100.00*)



Email: [email protected]

Phone: ​​203-687-9352

Volleyball Alberta

Each summer, Volleyball Alberta hosts four weeks of volleyball camps for young players ages 12 to 18 in the towns of Jasper and Sylvan Lake. These programs are designed to help participants develop and enhance their volleyball skills and knowledge. Volleyball Alberta Summer Camps’ coaching staff is comprised of experienced university, college, and national team coaches and players from around Canada, as well as a few overseas representatives.


Edmonton Volleyball Camp (EVC)

Volleyball Alberta is providing indoor summer day clinics at the Saville Community Sports Centre in Edmonton, AB. This 5-day developmental program focuses on basic skills and fitness levels for all players. On-court teaching, game play, fitness exercises, and classroom lectures are all arranged for each day.

In addition, Volleyball Alberta is conducting outdoor summer day programs at our John Fry beach courts in Edmonton, AB. This 5-day developmental program focuses on basic skills and fitness levels for all players. Every day includes on-court teaching, game play, and fitness exercises.

Jasper Volleyball Camp (JVC)

The Jasper Volleyball Camp is located in the spectacular Rocky Mountains in the town of Jasper National Park, which offers the most picturesque setting for a summer camp. The JVC is a six-day developmental camp that includes about six hours of on-court training, three hours of game play, fitness exercises, and classroom lectures with a focus on all players’ fundamental skills and fitness levels.

The Jasper Volleyball Camp is located in close proximity to the Jasper Activity Centre, Jasper High School, and Jasper Elementary School. The Camp is held outdoors, allowing you to take in the amazing grandeur of the magnificent Rocky Mountains. Three complete meals each day made by expert chefs, a dining area, bathing facilities, monitored dormitory accommodations, indoor and outdoor courts, lecture rooms, an athletic trainer, and support personnel are included in the package. Each attendee will get a limited edition JVC t-shirt and water bottle.

Sylvan Lake Volleyball Camp (SLVC)

The Sylvan Lake Volleyball Camp is held in the resort town of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, where participants may spend the day playing volleyball on sand courts positioned directly on the lake. This six-day developing program focuses on the participants’ fundamental skills and fitness levels. Each day, roughly 5 hours of on-court teaching and 2 hours of game play are scheduled. The program is mostly held outdoors on the sand courts next to the pier. Each live-in athlete will get three meals daily made by experienced chefs, as well as access to a dining area, bathing facilities, indoor and outdoor courts, lecture rooms, an athletic trainer, and support personnel. Additionally, each participant will get a limited edition Sylvan Lake Volleyball Camp t-shirt and a Sylvan Lake Volleyball Camp water bottle.


Edmonton Volleyball Camp (EVC)

  • Day Camper: $450.00+gst per week + the Volleyball Alberta / Volleyball Canada Recreational Player Membership role of $15.50.

Jasper Volleyball Camp (JVC): Not specified

Sylvan Lake Volleyball Camp (SLVC)

  • Day Camper: $500.00+gst per week. The Day Camp includes all camp on-court sessions, classroom sessions, and planned social activities. Each athlete is responsible for his or her own meals and accommodations.
  • Live-in Camper: $700.00+gst per week. The Live-in Camp includes on-court sessions, classroom sessions, planned social activities, meals, and dormitory style accommodations



Phone: 780-415-1703

Email: [email protected]






Rally Pointe

Volleyball players in Calgary, Alberta, dreamed of building Canada’s very own national training center back when they were all in their early twenties. For volleyball aficionados and newbies alike, Rally Pointe in Calgary is a first-class eight hard court facility and six outdoor beach courts – and they are delighted to provide it!


1. Fall Camps

Youth Fall League

Each age category will be distributed evenly among four teams (12 athletes per team) in our Youth League. Following the first day, which will serve as a skills development/evaluation day, teams will be formed. Each week, teams will train on weekdays and play on Saturdays.

Little Diggers

  • GRADE 1 & GRADE 2: This program will concentrate on a few critical sports principles (motor skills, body awareness with a ball, and cooperative activities) and then on a variety of volleyball fundamentals (territorial protection and attacking the the opponents territory). By incorporating elements from Volleyball Canada’s Mini Volley curriculum and adding their own flare.
  • GRADE 3 TO GRADE 5: The camp continues to concentrate on the ideas mentioned in their Kindergarten to Grade 2 camp, while also expanding all of the abilities to further push each athlete to develop on the tools of the game. This is accomplished by combining important principles from Volleyball Canada’s Mini Volley and Atomic programs with their own flare.

2. Summer Camps

4-5 Day Camps

Rally Pointe summer programs provide you with the opportunity to develop and improve your technical volleyball abilities (Serve, Underhand pass, Overhand pass, Attack, Defense and Blocking).

The camps will begin with a brief introduction to the coaches and a rundown of the week’s events. Athletes will next undergo basic skills testing to determine their grouping for the rest of the week. After the talent testing is completed, it is time to begin skill development.

The trainers will show each talent and break it down into its most fundamental motions before advancing to more advanced methods. Selected drills will be supported to ensure that each skill is effectively understood and practiced.

Once a skill has been completed, the skill combination process begins, and they will work on various multi-skill drills in a game-like setting. Then, at the conclusion of each day, we play a game to integrate what we’ve learned together.

Next Level Development Camp

This camp will be tailored to players who have previously played club volleyball, with a faster development through skills than a typical camp and fast-paced game play drills. Run by our first-rate coaching staff, which includes a former National team player as well as former and current Alberta Provincial team coaches.

3. Winter Youth League

Each age category in the Youth League will be distributed evenly among four teams (12 athletes per squad). These leagues will consist of co-ed teams. Following the first day, which will serve as a skills development/evaluation day, teams will be formed. Teams will have a weekday practice and a weekday game every week.

4. Spring Camps

Spring Break Camps

These courses focus on two abilities every day before graduating to multi-skill training. They will most likely have two skill divisions (depending on numbers), current club players and non-club players. Athletes in grades 6 through 10 are welcome to participate.

This camp is for anybody who wants to enhance their abilities for their club team or get a jump start on next year’s school squad. This camp will be more intense than a “normal” camp in order to push the athletes within the short 9 hours of teaching.

Spike into Spring

This four-week (eight-session) program will focus on individual skill development for athletes in grades six through nine. The program includes one exciting “tournament day” when kids may put all of the skills they’ve learned to use in a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Youth Fall League: $200.00 (11 sessions, 1.5 hours each, T-shirt)
  • Little Diggers: $50 (GST included)
  • 4-5 Day Camps: $140-$300 (Rally Pointe T-shirt included)
  • Next Level Development Camp: $200 (8 sessions)
  • Winter Youth League: $200.00 (11 sessions, 1.5 hours each, T-shirt)
  • Spring Break Camps: $120.00 (9 hours of excellent instruction, including a camp T-shirt)
  • Spike into Spring: $150.00 (12 hours of excellent instruction, including a camp T-shirt)



Phone: 403 202 3666

Email: [email protected]




HITT Volleyball Camp

There are a wide variety of camps and instructors to choose from this summer, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. H.I.T.T. volleyball camps are “High Performance” camps because of the sort of coaching personnel they have on hand. With the help of their expert volleyball coaches, athletes will be able to thrive in their education and growth. In order to help you become a better volleyball player, H.I.T.T. camps are full of technical learning and great instruction.


Total Camp

The TOTAL Camp is an advanced training camp for volleyball players who aspire to be the best they can be in all aspects of the game. Six-on-six competition to end the week of leadership, tactical, nutrition, psychology, teaching the game and vertical training.

4 or 5 Day Premier Camp

Volleyball players who want to get the most out of their camp experience should attend the 4 or 5 Day PREMIER Camps. Volleyball coaches with more than 20 years of coaching expertise use these training methods.

Smash-Ball Camp

Camps for girls and boys at the elementary level will be offered this year for the first time (Grades 3-5). Volleyball beginners can benefit greatly from this five-day, 1.5 to 2 hour-long programs. In Smash-Ball, students learn the fundamentals of volleyball while having a blast. H.I.T.T. teachers have a great deal of enthusiasm and are excellent at interacting with students in this age range.

School Prep Camp

To prepare the players for their school tryouts, this camp will provide both team and individual skill development play chances. Rally Pointe and Saville Community Sports Centres will host four 3-hour nighttime training sessions with certified trainers who will teach you around an hour of individual skills and two hours of team exercises. This camp’s primary goal is to help you prepare for your school’s upcoming tryouts! The emphasis will be on playing and teamwork, as well as developing a few important personal attributes.

Boys Elite Camp

CAMP BOYS ELITE is available in Calgary and Edmonton. These Camps will run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on weeknights. In order to participate in this camp, participants must be male athletes with a desire to play at a higher level and previous club experience. Students who attend this camp will get a taste of what it’s like to prepare for a career after graduation. Professional coaches can help you learn new skills and improve your existing ones using the most up-to-date training methods from across the world.

5 Day – Half Day Camp

For a fraction of the cost of our full-day programs but with the same level of quality, this camp is for you! The greatest instructors in the market can help you improve your talents and solidify what you already know. A highly sought-after program with a high level of intensity and a great deal of technical feedback for the participants.


  • Total Camp: $750
  • 4 or 5 Day Premier Camp: $495
  • Smash-Ball Camp: $175
  • School Prep Camp: $200 – $295
  • Boys Elite Camp: $375
  • 5 Day – Half Day Camp: $375
  • 5 Day – Full Day Premier Camp: $595



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Phone: (403) 690-0699