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Are you in dire need of a reliable and high-quality badminton racket set for on-the-go use? We’ve got something for you!

Fostoy badminton racket set is designed for players of all skill levels. These professional rackets are made of a full carbon fiber frame, fiber wire, and solid wood handle making them sturdy, stable, and lightweight. The full carbon fiber middle pole increases the rackets’ rebound and attack power. These rackets are also made of good-elasticity and high-strength wire holes that can better protect the strings and then extend the string’s longevity. The rackets’ shock-reduce oval frame design expands the sweet spot that increases the effectiveness of the string lines and the hit rate. They are designed to enhance your defense and increase your effective range. These badminton rackets can also maintain good precision and speed. The grip, on the other hand, is comfortable, and turning is easier.

This racket set comes with three (3) feather shuttlecocks that enhance badminton resistance and one (1) carrying bag. Also, Fostoy provides lifetime money back/replacement service for this badminton racket set.

Fostoy Badminton_Racket Set


  • Material: 100% carbon fiber, sturdy and light
  • Badminton racket frame: carbon fiber
  • Badminton Racket net material: fiber
  • Racket handle: solid wood
  • Weight: 100 +/- 5 gram/per badminton racket
  • Product Dimensions: 26.4 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

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  • 2 badminton racket
  • 3 shuttlecock
  • 2 grip tape
  • 1 carry bag

Here are some great customer reviews for the Fostoy Badminton Racket Set:

“After several days of evaluation, the quality of badminton rackets is really good, the feel is good, it is not easy to slip out, it is worth buying.”

“We happened to try the Rackets this weekend and very much like them.
They are super lightweight. Soft to touch grip, makes it comfortable to play.
I like that they’re solid and still feels light. One-piece design make me hope, that this Rackets will last. And also I like the strings tension. When we play, we can definitely feel it for the sound Racket make while hitting the shuttlecock, which by the way is included.
As for the bag, it’s little flimsy, I don’t think it’ll last. But it was nice addition, not a main item.”

“No regret purchase. This badminton Racket made with good quality and lightweight. It is amazing that badminton was made by real feather. The net part is resilient and tight to hit badminton easy and fast powerfully. The handle is comfortable to hold without scratching palm. Worth to buy.”

With excellent material, beautiful packaging, perfect designed details, and portability, Fostoy Badminton Racket Set could be the one you are looking for!

Roeam Outdoor Sports Badminton Rackets Set Review


The Roeam Outdoor Sports Badminton Rackets Set comes with everything you need to enjoy your favorite classic sport, badminton. This set of badminton rackets is made of strong and durable iron alloy and nylon thread. The racket has the best balance of weight and power, so the racket can easily radiate power and make the attack impossible to stop. Its handle is also comfortable to grip. The set is designed to be lightweight, sturdy, and durable so it is portable and not easy to break. It includes 4 rackets, 2 badminton shuttlecocks, 1 net, 6 net posts, 4 ground stabilizing nails, and 1 stout reinforcement rope. This badminton set comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. Whether you play at home backyard or going out on the beach to play, it can be very portable.

The set suitable for intermediate badminton players and enthusiastic badminton fans, children and adults.

Roeam Outdoor Sports Badminton Rackets Set complete


  • Four (4) badminton rackets,
  • Two (2) badminton shuttlecocks,
  • One (1) net,
  • Six (6) adjustable net posts,
  • Four (4) ground stabilizing nails,
  • One (1) stout reinforcement rope, and
  • One (1) carrying bag


  • Frame material: ferroalloy
  • Cable material: nylon
  • Item size:
  • Racket: 520 * 160mm / 20.5 * 6.3in
  • Net: 6000 * 600mm / 236.2 * 23.6in
  • Item weight: 900g / 2.0lb
  • Package size: 680 * 220 * 50mm / 26.8 * 8.7 * 2.0in
  • Package weight: 1000g / 2.2lb

Here are some great customer reviews for the Roeam Outdoor Sports Badminton Rackets Set:

“My family likes badminton because it can exercise all . So it our favorite sports . As description, it includes 4 pieces rackets , Nets, 2 shuttlecock and many more accessories . The rocket is common size and it is sturdy to play . we enjoy more fun when the weather is good without bad wind. We advise the 2 plastic shuttlecocks don’t enough for use . So we buy more shuttlecock at Amazon. Enjoy the badminton sport fun.”

“This is a great set of badminton racket suits. It is well equipped and can be used for sports at any time. I like the comfort of holding the racket. I recommend buying it. recommend it except for the badminton. This price is very reasonable.”

“Picked up this 2 pairs set for a very nice price. We just wanted to try it out see if we will stick to this sport before we spend tons of money buying expensive equipment. overall decent quality based on the price. The badminton rackets are nice. Light weight buy sturdy. I would prefer a better birdie. But good ones you have to pay extra for it. So I’m not going to complain.”

Start with the complete Roeam Outdoor Sports Badminton Rackets Set and then enjoy the backyard or beach!

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set Review

The EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set includes everything you need to start playing badminton: an easy-to-set-up net, four (4) regulation-size badminton rackets, two (2) shuttlecocks, and a carry storage base. This weather-proof outdoor game kit for backyard badminton allows for convenient fold-up, deployment, and portable travel to and from the beach, park, tailgate party, or BBQ.

EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton

This very convenient set does not require tools for setup. It can be assembled in minutes on any lawn or sandpit without the hassle of finicky stakes, poles, tools, or cords. It comes with four (4) color-matched, official size rackets that feature reinforced polymer weave and strong metal frames, making them light and maneuverable. This badminton set also features storage for all accessories in its base. The EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set is suitable for casual and competitive players of all skill levels and ages, kids and adults alike. The fact that it is portable, attractive, functional, and super easy to set up makes it ideal for both beginners and seasoned veterans.


  • Weather-proof outdoor game kit
  • Fast setup on any lawn or sandpit
  • Suitable for casual and competitive players of all skill levels and ages
  • Includes: a net, four (4) official size badminton rackets, two (2) shuttlecocks, and a carry storage base
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 27.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 8.47 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 9 pounds

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Here are some great customer reviews for the EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set:

“Great portable badminton net! We have already used it several times. It stores in a small footprint. When opened it gives hours of fierce badminton tournament fun. We love it! Great buy. Even I can assemble/disassemble.”

“Fun game for kids and adults – it was easy to assemble and we had a great time playing badminton. It seems to be well built but as I have only had it a short time and only used it one day so far can’t comment on durability. However it looks like it will stand up well. I do not let it stand out when not in use as it can be set up quickly when anyone wants to play.”

“Our grandkids love to play badminton and we bought this net hoping it was easier to put up than the one we usually use. This net is great! It was easy to put up and we love how there are not strings or ropes going from net as tiedowns one can trip over. Highly recommend this!”

So, get ready to go outdoors and turn your picnic, driveway, or camping site into a fun competition that will keep energy in the air for hours with the EastPoint Sports Easy Setup Regulation Badminton Set!

Baden Champions Badminton Set


The Baden Champions Badminton Set is a mid-level set for recreational gameplay designed for outdoor use. Because Baden’s mission is to provide its customers with the highest quality backyard games on the planet, this set is designed in a way you can enjoy hours of backyard fun.  This easy-to-assemble badminton set comes with everything you need — a regulation-size badminton set, nylon shuttlecocks, and tournament-level quality badminton racquets.

The Baden Champions Badminton Set features heavy-duty, adjustable, powder-coated, aluminum poles that make the setup and breakdown quick and easy. With its highly visible Optic Yellow badminton net and boundary lines, you are sure to attract the competition during any yard games event. The set includes four (4) tournament quality badminton racquets just in case you and your group are ready for the challenge of playing doubles. It also comes with a durable weather-resistant carrying case with straps for easy portability and storage. Whether you are a novice player just learning the game or a professional player looking for the highest quality outdoor badminton set on the market, this badminton set is for you!


  • 1 Regulation size badminton net and hardware with high visibility net tape
  • Three (3) Nylon shuttlecocks
  • Four (4) Tournament level quality badminton racquets
  • Two (2) Guylines with quick tension pull-down handles and stakes
  • Official badminton height
  • Official size boundary lines with webbing
  • Durable weather-resistant carry bag with zipper


  • Heavy-duty, adjustable, powder-coated, aluminum poles make the setup and breakdown of this badminton set quick and easy.
  • Highly visible Optic Yellow badminton net and boundary lines that are sure to attract the competition during any yard games event.
  • Durable weather-resistant carrying case with straps for easy portability and storage.


  • Poles:  1.5″ Powder Aluminum
  • Height: Official size (5′ 1″)
  • Net: 2.5′ x x 20′ with high visibility 2″ net tape
  • Guylines: 1/4″ rope with adjusters
  • Stakes: 10″ metal stakes
  • Boundary: 1.25″ wide webbing boundary; official size 20′ x 44′
  • Accessories: 4 racquets, 3 shuttlecocks
  • Bag: heavy-duty nylon bag with zipper and carry handles

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Baden Champions Badminton Set game


“This set is great. I’ve never owned one before but did research before buying and it meets my boyfriend’s standards so I must have done well! As other reviewers stated, the grip tape on the racquets does come loose pretty quickly but I expected that and it’s an easy fix. Put the net up in about 20 mins.”

“We bought this for our family after researching many different badminton sets and are so glad we did. This is a high quality product that has been in continual use by our young kids and their friends since we got it, and it is holding up very well. If you are looking for a well made badminton set that will last for a long time, this is the one to get.”

“We like to play some serious backyard badminton and were ready to introduce it so our kids, so I was very particular in choosing a set. This one has been fantastic. The materials for the net are quality, and my favorite part is that it has the boundary tape. Everything is regulation and that also informed my choice. Based on other reviews of the rackets’ grips coming off, we just left the shrink wrap on, so that hasn’t been an issue. The shuttlecocks have lasted and so have the rackets, so that is a major plus, too. I would recommend this set time and again. The kids have been having a blast playing!”

So, grab your set today and experience a fun and exciting badminton game right at your backyard!