Tandem Sport Bungee Blocker Volleyball Blocking tool


Tandem Sport Bungee Blocker is made of lightweight aluminum and bungee straps to allow for game-like simulation in practice, making it the ultimate volleyball blocking tool!

The Bungee Blocker volleyball blocking tool can be used in team blocking drills, game-like simulations, individual hitting drills, and coverage drills. It also helps improve hitting placement. Its sturdy design allows for easy handling and use. The Bungee Blocker is one of the most affordable blocking options on the market!

Tandem Sport Bungee Blocker


  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum and bungee straps to allow for game-like simulation in practice
  • Use the Bungee Blocker to improve hitting placement or as a coverage tool in blocking drills
  • Sturdy design allows for easy handling and use
  • Use the Bungee Blocker for team drills and game-like simulation, individual hitting drills, and coverage drills

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  • Material: Lightweight Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 37 x 22 x 2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5 pounds


“For the price, it does the job for my high school girls.”

“Excellent training aid. I highly recommend it. Thanks so very much.”

“Team really likes it!”

tandem sport_Spike Challenger


The Tandem Sport Spike Challenger is the ultimate spike training device. Spike Challenger is ideal for ball contact, arm swing, and footwork training drills. The pre-positioned ball creates the perfect set. The adjustable pole height accommodates hitters of all skill levels so it is a perfect training tool for solo athletes, coaches, and all-level teams. Spike Challenger is constructed of sturdy metal with weight for stability and two wheels make it easy to transport. It also includes a ready-to-attach ball.

tandem sport_Spike Challenger


  • Ideal for ball contact, arm swing, footwork training techniques, repetitive hitting drills, and conditioning exercises
  • Includes a ball and cord system, 2 weights for stability, and 2 wheels for easy portability
  • Adjustable height made of the durable metal pole accommodates hitters of all ages and levels
  • Perfect training tool for solo athletes, coaches, and all-level teams – beginner to elite
  • Collapsed height is 59″
  • Some assembly required


  • Product Dimensions: 55 x 25 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 98 pounds


“Great portable trainer. Folds small enough to fit in the garage. Stable enough to take a hit from a grown man!”

“So far so good! Easy to set up. Arrived in good shape! Cant wait to use it again. I would buy another if needed”

“It’s so great to spike volleyball trainer 😊”

If you are looking for the ultimate spike training device to improve your volleyball skills, the Tandem Sport Spike Challenger is perfect for you!

Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves


The Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves are ideal for use in passing, diving, and rolling drills. These sleeves provide protection from discomfort, ball impacts, and floor burns. The slip-on design has an adjustable length to fit most players. Your fingers and upper hand remain free for hitting and setting. Targets on the forearms indicate the proper contact area for passing.

Tandem Sport Passing Sleeve


  • Target on sleeves provide proper ball contact area for perfect passing every time
  • Provides protection from repetitive ball contact, discomfort, and floor burns
  • Leaves fingers and upper hand free for hitting and setting
  • Perfect for passing or diving/rolling drills
  • Sleeves are of Adjustable length to fit players of any size; Includes 2 sleeves S/M 9″ or smaller, L/XL 9.5″+

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Here are some amazing customer reviews for the Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves:

“Well made, sturdy fabric. These are not padded, but the fabric is thick. So helpful during repetitive drills in practice. My daughter wears them during games too. She is 9, 4’11”, definitely not snug on her but not so big they won’t work. I also wear them (L/XL) when coaching because it keeps my arm from aching when underhand serving to the girls during drills. I am 5’5″ small/med build. Since we ordered two pairs (both L/XL), the only thing I thought was strange is a slight inconsistency in sizing. One pair is shorter and a little wider and the other is longer but less wide. We can both comfortably wear both though.”

“My daughter wears a size 12-14 and the small/medium fit her perfectly. She loves wearing these, and think they help protect her arms when she serves the volleyball and bumps it around. She has very fair skin, and without the sleeves will suffer a lot of pain and redness from hitting the ball. Very happy with this purchase.”

“My daughter didn’t like hitting the ball because it stung her arms. These sleeves give just enough protection to take the sting out of the hit. Plus the volleyball logo as a target for bumping the ball is a great learning tool. All the girls on my daughters team want a set.”

With Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves, you can perfect your pass while protecting your arms!

tandem sport vertical challenger stand alone measurement tester training aid

Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger Review

Looking for the perfect tool to measure and improve vertical jump? Tandem Sport got you covered! Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger is a sturdy stand-alone jump measurement tester training aid. This training aid is adjustable from 4 to 12 feet to accommodate athletes of any height or skill level.

No more losing your jump score before you’re ready

The highest arm reached will remain angled up until the jump reading is measured and the arm is reset. A reset pole in included for you to quickly and easily reset the tester.

tandem sport vertical challenger stand alone measurement


  • Measures vertical jump from 4-12 feet, with moveable veins placed at 1″” Increments for accurate jump measurement
  • The heavy duty base is fitted with easy glide casters to provide stability and ease of transport.
  • The wall-mounting makes it easy to secure to a gym or facility wall for easy repetitive use
  • Highest arm reached remains angled until jump reading is measured and arm is reset
  • Includes wall mounting bracket & reset pole


  • Material type: Aluminum
  • Product Dimensions: 58 x 12 x 4 inches ;
  • Product Weight: 16 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 15 Inches


  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to operate


  • The jump tester ships in more than one box.
  • Some assembly is required.

tandem sport_vertical challenger stand alone measurement

Here are some great customer reviews for the Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger:

“I love the equipment. My son is jumping 3 inches higher already. Thank you.”

“Bought this to train my top tier outside hitters. I don’t quite understand the negative revues on this products quality and design. I’ve had absolutely NO such negative experiences. Came complete! Easy instructions! Solid! Accurate. Maybe if abused it may break down but if all one is doing is following the instructions for proper use, there’s not much to break down. Great product! Great tool! Lasting years! Still looks and functions like new! Even the paint and decals!”

“Wow, much better than expected. Excellent product and surprisingly arrived in great shape though the box was a mess. I measure each time with a tape measure and it’s very accurate. Once a slat is touched, move it out of the way with the bar. I love having a target other than a basketball hoop.”

“Best option out there on the market for testing vertical jump. Extremely easy to set up and break down which makes it very mobile. This is the perfect piece of equipment for anyone looking to add credibility and a “Wow factor” to your training business.”

In summary, the Tandem Sport Vertical Challenger is the perfect training tool for all experience levels to measure and improve vertical jump from beginner to advanced players.

Top 5 Volleyball Solo Practice Ball Rebounders


Volleyball solo practice ball rebounders are great ways to improve your volleyball game without needing someone else to practice with. Rebounders are training aids that guide the ball back after every swing. So, you get to spend more time hitting volleyballs and less time chasing them. These are great for practicing digs, sets and serves and can even be used for practicing spikes.

Note: We do suggest getting a volleyball spike trainer instead/as well if you want to improve your spikes.


  1. Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal
  2. Regius Volleyball Training Equipment 3.0
  3. KIKIGOAL Volleyball Training Equipment Aid
  4. Volleyball Star Volleyball Training Equipment Aid
  5. Infiiniity Volleyball Training Equipment Aid  

Volleyball rebounders allow hours of practice of your serving, setting and spiking with ease in the comfort of your home or outside area without the need of another person. You can put in some secret training at home alone and impress your team mates with your progression at your next practice.


Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal rebounder

The Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal allows for a solo practice without ever chasing a ball. This volleyball rebounder comes with a Velcro waist strap, an adjustable elastic cord, and a neoprene ball pouch to help guide the ball back to the player every time. Perfect for solo practice or use to practice serving tosses, arm swing technique, or to warm up your arm. The Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Any player can practice with the Volleyball Pal because the cord and waist strap are adjustable. Read our full review on the Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal here.

Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal - Volleyball Rebounder


“I got this for my daughter, who started playing volleyball it is amazing. I will first remind you that you need to set it up before your child begins to play with it. My daughter is the type that opens it and cant wait so she set it up herself and did not release the strap and the ball came back at her face. If you set it up for them this will not happen and it will serve (no pun intended) its purpose. Great for those who are learning the height of the toss and making the proper connection with the ball. My daughter is 10 and almost 5ft and it works perfect for her.”


Regius Volleyball Training Equipment 3.0 measurement - Volleyball Rebounder

The Regius Volleyball Training Equipment 3.0 ranks 2nd in our Top 5 Volleyball Solo Practice Ball Rebounders. This training equipment is specially crafted to enhance and improve your basic volleyball skills. It is designed to help you practice different aspects of your game at the comfort of your own home, completely solo.  This volleyball solo practice ball rebounder is ultra-lightweight to ensure you don’t get irritated or distracted by the weight during practice. Regius Volleyball Training Equipment 3.0 claims to have the longest elastic double reinforced cord you will find looking around on Amazon. Its cord length is adjustable, so you can adjust the length according to your surroundings. Using the maximum length allows you to react with enough time to catch the ball when it rebounds. Also, Regius Products is committed to customer service and maintains a 100% refund guarantee.


“I am an absolute beginner in volleyball, and this equipment has helped me gain better control of the ball, while learning how to serve and hit the ball correctly. I love this product, and it was definitely worth the price. When hit correctly, the ball bounces right back to you because of the bungee-like chord. The wrap easily stays around the volleyball and waist, and I’ve never had a problem with it coming off so far. I’ve had this product for only a week or so but I see a lot of improvement, I recommend this to anyone in need of practice!”


KIKIGOAL Volleyball Training Equipment Aid - Volleyball Rebounder

KIKIGOAL Volleyball Training Equipment Aid is perfect for solo practice for serving, arm swings, overhand serve, spike, hitting, and helps improve your overall ball control skills. This volleyball solo practice ball rebounder is actually designed with a ball pouch that can be adjusted to hold any size sports balls such as volleyball, football, beach volleyball, water polo, and even a basketball. It features an adjustable Velcro waist strap to accommodate different waist sizes and an elastic cord that gives you ample length to even hit overhand jump serves and spikes without the ball bouncing back into your face.

This training equipment comes with one (1) ball rebounder for solo practice and two (2) setting trainer straps for proper hand placement. Use the adjustable straps with a plastic knob to reinforce proper hand placement on the ball to standardize the hand action or reduce fouls while setting to avoid touching the ball during the training. KIKIGOAL Volleyball Training Equipment Aid is truly great practice equipment for all experience levels from beginners to experts.


“My two high school daughters have enjoyed it during this quarantine. They both use it to practice their serves, regular and jump serves.”


Volleyball Star Volleyball Training Equipment Aid - Volleyball Rebounder

With the Volleyball Star Training Kit, you can now learn how to serve like a pro with ease. This volleyball solo practice ball rebounder is designed to help you to keep your hands in the right position, giving you better control of the ball and teaching you the proper setting technique during setting drills. It features a Smart Design Adjustment System so it can be adjusted to fit all ages, from kids to teenagers to adults. The ball pouch can fit any size of sports balls, including football, soccer ball, and even a basketball.

Adjust the elastic cord length by increasing the length up to 78 inches for hitting the application or shorten it down to 40 inches for more isolated technique training. The durable Velcro strap is .78 inches wide so you can now practice your favorite sport without worrying about your training equipment will break. It also comes with volleyball setting straps that are great to use during setting drills for players of all skill levels.

The volleyball training kit includes one (1) Ball Rebounder, two (2) Setting Trainer Straps, one (1) Drawstring Backpack, one (1) Handmade Bracelet, and one (1) Essential Volleyball Training eBook. While the Ball Rebounder package includes one (1) Ball Rebounder and ten (10) Volleyball Finger Sleeves. On top of that, Volleyball Star Volleyball Training Equipment Aid has a lifetime warranty.


“I don’t usually post reviews but this product deserve one, top quality. I’m super happy with this volleyball training kit, the quality is great, all looks professional made and very durable. All is adjustable, the ball rebounder elastic cord is long and much wider the other products on amazon, the setting straps are also adjustable and comfortable to wear, the volleyball bracelet is a nice add on, and the drawstring backpack is also nice and useful for volleyball equipment transportation. My daughter love this product. Recommend.”


Infiiniity Volleyball Training Equipment Aid - Volleyball Rebounder

The Infiiniity Volleyball Training Equipment Aid has a simple but smart design, made up of lightweight materials, and fits any volleyball size. It is carefully made with a premium quality waist belt with strong stitching and a high-quality elastic cord with extra strong Velcro. It features a long and strong elastic cord that can be adjusted according to your needs. The cord is also stitched within the ball pouch attachment without any knot which makes it easy to practice. The ball pouch has extra-long Velcro stitched inside which firmly holds the ball. It also comes with a 6″ x 7″ Soft Mesh Bag to keep the kit together after use.

This volleyball solo practice ball rebounder will help you to improve your practice and perfect your volleyball sport skills such as overhand serving, underhand serving, arm swing, setting, spiking, and hitting. It saves you time by bringing the ball back to you on each and every swing rather you running after it so you can simply focus on your practice. This trainer could be your best volleyball training pal.


“I absolutely love this product and I’m so glad I purchased it. The infiinity Volleyball Trainer is easy to set up, durable and high quality, and is easy to adjust to your size. The harness for the ball is strong and long so you could fit larger sized ball in it. It comes with a nice and high quality mesh bag and you can put your trainer in it after every use. Overall, I am very happy with this product.”

With any of our Top 5 Volleyball Solo Practice Ball Rebounders, you can simply warm up before your match or improve your volleyball skills by enhancing your touch, setting, spiking, serving, arm swing passing, ball control, and even soccer throw-ins.

tandem sport_target challenger

Tandem Sport Target Challenger Review

Train for a better aim for all your Volleyball passes and sets with Tandem Sport Target Challenger! Target Challenger is the ultimate target technology available in the market today. It is ideal for practice passing, setting, or shooting. The sturdy net collects balls for easy retrieval.


  • Includes a red metal target ring on a telescoping pole that is adjustable for various volleyball training drills
  • Sturdy detachable net collects balls for easy retrieval;
  • Includes 22 lbs weight for stability and 2 wheels for easy portability
  • Adjustable height for multi-purpose use, making the Target Challenger great for any sport
  • Target ring measures 30″ and pole can extend up to 12 feet


  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 54 x 18 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 47 pounds 

tanden sport target challenger

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Here are some great customer reviews for the Tandem Sport Target Challenger:

“Very sturdy and well made. Just like the equipment in the volleyball gym. Comes with the weight (which I didn’t realize). We’ve gotten a lot of use out of it and have only had it a few weeks. The knob (for lack of a better word) that is used to adjust the position of the net is sometimes cumbersome to use and I’m curious if that will be a weak point, but so far, we have no complaints at all. I’ve had no problems with the netting or having the hoop fall out of position despite having balls hit the rim of the hoop frequently.”

“We got these to help our setters work on their accuracy. It is great! The setters get immediate feedback, because they can see the ball is either in or out. We don’t have to waste practice time telling them things like “a little higher”, “a little lower”, all the coaching cues are now on skill and form instead of where to put the ball.”

Improve your volleyball passes and sets with Tandem Sport Target Challenger!