Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves


The Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves are ideal for use in passing, diving, and rolling drills. These sleeves provide protection from discomfort, ball impacts, and floor burns. The slip-on design has an adjustable length to fit most players. Your fingers and upper hand remain free for hitting and setting. Targets on the forearms indicate the proper contact area for passing.

Tandem Sport Passing Sleeve


  • Target on sleeves provide proper ball contact area for perfect passing every time
  • Provides protection from repetitive ball contact, discomfort, and floor burns
  • Leaves fingers and upper hand free for hitting and setting
  • Perfect for passing or diving/rolling drills
  • Sleeves are of Adjustable length to fit players of any size; Includes 2 sleeves S/M 9″ or smaller, L/XL 9.5″+

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Here are some amazing customer reviews for the Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves:

“Well made, sturdy fabric. These are not padded, but the fabric is thick. So helpful during repetitive drills in practice. My daughter wears them during games too. She is 9, 4’11”, definitely not snug on her but not so big they won’t work. I also wear them (L/XL) when coaching because it keeps my arm from aching when underhand serving to the girls during drills. I am 5’5″ small/med build. Since we ordered two pairs (both L/XL), the only thing I thought was strange is a slight inconsistency in sizing. One pair is shorter and a little wider and the other is longer but less wide. We can both comfortably wear both though.”

“My daughter wears a size 12-14 and the small/medium fit her perfectly. She loves wearing these, and think they help protect her arms when she serves the volleyball and bumps it around. She has very fair skin, and without the sleeves will suffer a lot of pain and redness from hitting the ball. Very happy with this purchase.”

“My daughter didn’t like hitting the ball because it stung her arms. These sleeves give just enough protection to take the sting out of the hit. Plus the volleyball logo as a target for bumping the ball is a great learning tool. All the girls on my daughters team want a set.”

With Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves, you can perfect your pass while protecting your arms!

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