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A well timed volleyball spike is one of the best feelings in volleyball, especially when the set, jump and hit all come together for an impressive smash that the other team cannot return. It takes a great deal of practice to get really good at spiking whether playing indoor or beach volleyball. So if you want to become a great spiker you need to practice over and over again. Thats where the volleyball spike trainer comes in. Below you will find our top 5 volleyball spike trainers.

Top 5 Spike Trainer Quick List :

  1. The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer Independent Model – Best For The Gym/Pros
  2. Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball – Durable & Versatile – Winner
  3. TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System – Best Seller
  4. Tandem Sport Spike Pal
  5. Elite Sport Tools StrikeSetter

Some things to consider when buying a spike trainer. These are budget, height and durability.

If the sky is the limit and you do not have a tight budget and are wanting the best spike trainer available then consider the The Edge Pro Volleyball Trainer Independent Model. However this can be overkill for most people.

If you are a more serious volleyball player looking to optimise your spikes then we would suggest the Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball. It is durable and you can set it at any height as long as you have suitable attachment points. These attachment points will need to be strong and high enough for your spiking height.

Finally if the spike trainer is for a younger player who doesn’t spike the ball too hard and isn’t too tall, then one the the basketball hoop style trainers are great. We suggest the TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System. However these trainers take a beating and do not cost too much, so they might require you to upgrade the system slightly by purchasing a higher quality carabiner and buckle to strengthen it. These systems also require a basketball hoop.

1. TOBWOLF Volleyball Spike Trainer

The TOBWOLF Volleyball Spike Trainer is a fantastic volleyball training aid designed to improve your hitting technique without the need for a partner. It’s perfect for enhancing serving, jumping, arm swing mechanics, and spiking power. This volleyball training aid provides realistic ball movement, allowing you to work on arm swing, ball contact, and footwork effectively.

The trainer features four adjustable straps around the ball and a large sponge holder at the bottom to securely hold the volleyball in place, even after a powerful hit. You can easily adjust its length with the buckle on the nylon strap, accommodating your training needs from 30″ up to 35″.

Using this spike trainer is convenient, thanks to the included high-grade carabiner that allows you to attach it to various surfaces such as basketball rings, poles, broom handles, backyard playsets, garage ceilings, and more.

Lightweight and durable, the TOBWOLF Spike Trainer is ideal for developing form and hitting techniques. It’s a must-have for spiking techniques and can be used effectively at camps, clinics, and practices at all levels.


  • Realistic Ball Movement
  • Keeps Your Ball Securely in Place
  • Adjustable Length
  • Ease to Use
  • A Must Have for Spiking Techniques

Product Details:

  • Package Dimensions: 14.26 x 6.46 x 2.21 inches
  • Manufacturer: TOBWOLF

Here are some of the great customer reviews on the TOBWOLF Volleyball Spike Trainer:

Daughter uses to work on spiking and loves it. Great find. Sometimes the ball slips out, but for the most part works like it needs to.

This was the perfect training tool to help our daughter with her hitting. We hung ours from our tree and could already tell her improvement the first day!

2. Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball – Durable & Versatile

Volleyball Spike Trainer - Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball

The two main issues with the volleyball spike trainers that hang from a basket ball hoop are:

  1. The ball hangs too low off the hoop for taller more experienced hitters.
  2. The equipment takes a great deal of strain from being hit over and over again and tends to break easily. Most people end up having to replace parts of the other volleyball trainers with stronger materials. This is not totally unexpected as they only cost around $20 each.
  3. Some of the hanging spike trainers struggle to fit official size volleyballs in them.

The Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball fixes all that. It is made by Mikasa a huge brand within the volleyball community which guarantees quality and thoughtful design. Due to this spike trainers unique design it doesn’t suffer from durability issues like the other options.

The way the product is designed it also solver the height problem. Now you can set the ball as high or as low as your attachment points let you. You also do not need a basketball hoop for it to work. However this does propose a problem as now your volleyball spike trainer is only as strong as your attachment points, so the use of this depends on accessible points that will allow you to practice your spikes. Lower down we will show how some of the products reviewers have used the product.

Finally the great thing about the Mikasa Tethered Training Volleyball is that it is an official sized indoor volleyball that feels just like the Mikasa V200W indoor volleyball.

If you are worried about the durability of the basketball hoop trainers then we high recommend this option. It is a bit more expensive at just under $60, but we think it is well worth it.

NB: You need a suitable attachment point for this system to work well.

Volleyball Spike Trainer - Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball
Image by Patrizia H. ★★★★★
Volleyball Spike Trainer - Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball
Image by Clara ★★★★★
Volleyball Spike Trainer - Mikasa V300W-AT-TR Tethered Training Volleyball
Image by Hihi ★★★★★


TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System - Volleyball Spike Trainer Top 5

The TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System is a great trainer to improve your wicked-fast arm speed and spiking power. It features an adjustable design and makes use of an elastic cord to accommodate any hitter’s height. It comes with a large hook to easily connect it to basketball rings, poles, broom handles, backyard playsets, garage ceilings, and many more. This volleyball spike trainer is also designed to prevent shoulder and neck pain. Using TopFan Volleyball Spike Training System will not only help improve your jumping and spiking ability, but it will also help strengthen your body.


  • Help improve timing, speed and power
  • Elastic cord is adjustable to accommodate any hitter’s height.
  • Easy to use
  • Prevent shoulder and neck pain


“This product exceeded my expectation! I had read some reviews stating the clip broke off easy so I bought a sturdy one and that did the trick. I’ve got a seventh grader currently trying this out and it’s yet to give out. Super impressed with this!”

“Highly recommended for the player at any level. This works well for training newer players proper technique. Great way to train the proper motion at an early age and then constantly reinforce it over the years. Great price and fast shipping.”

“Good quality product. Easy to setup and adjust. Would recommend.”

If you are wanting to strengthen or upgrade your volleyball spike trainer, then you’ll need a new carabiner, d ring and metal slide buckle like the ones shown below. We have linked to the products on Amazon. We have tried to find the strongest 1.5 inch thick metal for max strength.

Volleyball Spike Trainer
Stainless Steel Carabiner

Volleyball Spike Trainer
Metal 1.5 Inch D Ring
Volleyball Spike Trainer
Metal 1.5 inch Slide Buckle


Tandem Sport Volleyball Spike Pal Review - Volleyball Spike Trainer

The Tandem Sport Spike Pal is made of elasticized-fabric and a flexible elastic cord that allows for realistic ball movement. It is perfect for hitting, conditioning, and agility drills. You can work on arm swing, ball contact, and footwork without the need of another person. Improve your spiking technique without ever chasing a ball with Tandem Sports Spike Pal!


Elite Sport Tools StrikeSetter - Volleyball Spike Trainer

The Elite Sport Tools StrikeSetter is great for athletes of all skill levels. It helps attackers develop wicked-fast arm speed and spiking power. It also helps hitters improve timing, speed, and power. This College Division 1 home volleyball spike training system is engineered for maximum strength. It is made of top quality material, hand-sewn with reinforced stitching, and designed to last. It comes with a soft synthetic rugged leather volleyball; flexible 3/8 inch rubber shock cord with a ribbed polyester jacket for added UV and abrasion resistance; and 1/8 inch metal quick link for fast and easy connection and application. It easily connects to basketball goals, poles, broom handles, backyard playsets, garage ceilings, and much more Train with a group or train alone with The Elite Sport Tools StrikeSetter!

Due to the design this set is more durable than the volleyball spike trainers with detachable balls, but some people have had issues with the ball deflating with the Spikesetter.


  • Engineered for maximum strength
  • Top-quality material
  • Hand sewed with reinforced stitching
  • Soft synthetic rugged leather volleyball
  • Designed to last
  • Easy to use
  • Helps attackers develop wicked-fast arm speed and spiking power.
  • Helps hitters improve timing, speed, and power


“Great trainer for spiking. My daughter loves it. I read other reviews that said there was an issue with the ball falling into the basket and getting caught. I would suggest investing in the SKLZ Double Double 2-in-1 Shooting and Rebounding Basketball Trainer. This items snaps right onto the existing rim and prevents the ball from going into the basket. Great for volleyball and basketball players.”

“Wow cannot say wnought about this product. It has helped improve my athletes approach and swing as well as her vertical. Great way to practice at home without snagging. However the clip that attaches it to the rim could be a little bit larger.”

“I coach girls volleyball and ordered this to help my own daughter with their hitting at home. Product was exactly what was presented and of very good quality.”

With our Top 5 Volleyball Spike Trainers, you focus more on your spiking skills than just running after the ball! Enjoy.

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