The fact that Australia is famous for its stunning golden beaches and that sports are an integral part of the Australian culture makes the country one of the best places in the world to play beach volleyball. Here are some of the best beaches in Australia where you can experience this very engaging team sport.

Manly Beach

manly beach, sydney, australia

Manly Beach, situated among the Northern Beaches of Sydney, is the birth place of beach volleyball in Australia. It only takes a 30-minute ferry-ride from Sydney’s Circular Quay to reach Manly Beach. Aside from being one of the best places to play beach volleyball, Manly is also considered as Sydney’s premier beach resort because of its tree-lined promenade, a 3-kilometer stretch of fine golden sand and refreshing ocean breeze. The beach has swimming areas patrolled year round by lifeguards. You can also rent umbrellas and chairs from the vendors along the beach and buy some snacks and cold drinks across the road.

Northern Beaches Volleyball Association

Manly Beach is home to the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association. Established in 1989, the NBVA is a non-profit organization run by the players for the players. With more than 400 members, they promote the enjoyment and development of beach volleyball in the area. They are affiliated with State Volleyball NSW and the Australian Volleyball Federation. The club has 8 permanent courts on which they run beach volleyball competitions for all levels. Players from all over the world come to Manly Beach to join the local tournaments all year round. And whenever there are no events, the courts are available to the public free of charge. The club also offers corporate events at reasonable rates. The money generated out of such events goes to the NBVA Junior Fund, it’s used for replacing the equipment.  For more information, visit the Northern Beaches Volleyball Association website.


Sydney Beach Volleyball

Another beach volleyball club you can find at Manly Beach is the Sydney Beach Volleyball Club. The club shares the public use of the courts with the NBVA, catering all year round to a range of amateur and elite beach volleyball players, including Olympic gold medalists. They offer the opportunity to get fit, have fun and meet friends with beginner beach volleyball classes. The courses are 1.5 hours each week with their friendly professional instructors who will teach you the techniques and tactics you’ll need to learn and enjoy beach volleyball. Visit their website for more information.

Koombana Bay

koombana bay

Koombana Bay is located in Bunbury, midway between Perth and the famous Margaret River Wine Region. The Koombana Bay is in the heart of the Bunbury town center and is the most popular swimming beach in Bunbury. The bay has enough parking lots, a great playground for the kids and barbecue facilities are available for use. Many people go to Koombana to stroll on the wide white sand beach, or take a dip in the calm waters, or to go sailing, or to simply relax and watch the stunning scenery Koombana Bay has to offer. Although there are a number of things to do in Koombana, the major beach activity which locals and tourists look forward to, is beach volleyball. Koombana has perfect weather and a beautiful clean beach, making it one of the best places to play beach volleyball. The Bunbury Volleyball Association Incorporated hosts beach volleyball tournaments at this beautiful bay.

Kingston Beach

kingston beach

Kingston is a southern suburb located 15 km south of Hobart, Tasmania. Originally the beach was called Browns River Beach in the 1850’s. It was also the first main swimming beach southwest of Hobart. Kingston is a relatively safe beach with usually low waves and calm conditions, making it ideal for swimming and beach volleyball. The facilities on the beach include a bike park, dog beach, sailing club, barbecue area, playgrounds and various shops. Another highlight of this beach is the beach volleyball social competitions, hosted by the Volleyball Tasmania Inc. on most Sundays from 12 pm.

Volleyball Tasmania Inc.

The official body for the promotion, development, and coordination of both indoor and beach volleyball in Tasmania, is the Volleyball Tasmania Inc. Their aim is to promote, develop and coordinate the sport of volleyball at all levels and at any place in Tasmania. The association host regular beach volleyball competitions at the Kingston Beach. For more information, you can visit their website.

Kurrawa Beach

kurrawa beach

Kurrawa Beach is located in the heart of Broad Beach, on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia. In addition to being a popular surfing spot, it is also the center of beach volleyball in Broad Beach. The beach is famous for its golden sands, clear, warm waters and magnificent views of the coastline. It is also one of the safest beaches on the Gold Coast because of the presence of well-trained Australian lifeguards that constantly patrol the area. Kurrawa Beach also offers good parking facilities and a boardwalk that is perfect for walking, rollerblading, and cycling. Sheltered picnic grounds and plenty of barbecue facilities are also available on the beach. The beach is also within walking distance of a wide range of top beach resorts, shopping locations, and restaurants.

Beach Volleyball Gold Coast

Beach Volleyball Gold Coast

Located at Kurrawa beach in front of the Kurrawa Surf Club, is the Beach Volleyball Gold Coast Club. Their primary mission is to involve the public in beach volleyball in an engaging social environment. They also aim to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to have try it out in a healthy, relaxed environment. The Beach Volleyball Gold Coast supports players from beginners to the professional elite.

In addition, the club offers beginner courses to learn the rules of the game and learn to serve, pass, set and spike with experienced instructors. These beginner courses cater to small groups in the span of 6 weeks with 90-minute sessions per week. They also offer individual coaching for the beginner, intermediate and professional players. Aside from training, Beach Volleyball Gold Coast also offers friendly and inclusive competitions either at the beach or in their center from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on Saturdays. For inquiries, visit their official Facebook page or website.

Australia has ample beautiful beaches with beach volleyball clubs to help you learn and experience this ultimate beach activity.

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