Top 5 Spikeball Sets

Top 6 Spikeball Sets 2022

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Spikeball is an epic game played by 2 – 6 people. It is fun, skilful and can be a great cardio work out. Some people explain Spikeball as upside-down volleyball as it has some very similar rules, however where volleyball uses a freestanding net, Spikeball uses a circular ring net placed on the ground. Players hit the ball into the next at the end of their “turn” which causes the ball to rebound off the net and continue with play.

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The beauty of a Spikeball set is that it is extremely compact and easy to travel with, or just walk to the beach or slip into your bag before you leave on holiday. It is also a great Christmas or birthday present. Spikeball is also arguably easier to play and pick up than volleyball which requires a bit more practice and understanding.

Spikeball has become a serious sport in its own right with impressive athletes that amaze onlookers with their skill, aim and endurance.

Onto our review of the top 6 Spikeball sets.

When considering which Spikeball set to buy it is important to take into account quality, cost, longevity, skill level and budget. We will try to showcase a few sets that fits different requirements for all of these considerations.

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Official Spikeball Sets

To start off we we will review the three options from Spikeball the brand. the original makers of the sports equipment and our first choice.

Best Value For Money

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

The standard spike ball set is the go to set for people wanting to have fun with friends, on the beach, in a park or just at home. All spike ball sets are made with great quality materials and built to last.

This is the go to set for people buying a spike ball set. If your friend or child has asked for a spikeball set, this is probably what they are looking for.

Price at last update: $69.96 on Amazon

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Highest Quality Tournament Edition

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Spikeball Pro Set

Spikeball Pro Tournament Edition is a spike ball set for those looking to get more out of their Spikeball set and take their game to another level.

This set has been upgraded with a stronger playing net, new balls with added spin, a portable pump and a comfier backpack.

Why Choose Spikeball Pro?

Spikeball Pro’s legs and rims are 33% stronger

Better balls with added spin

Once you have tried the Spikeball Pro you will not want to play Spikeball on any other set up.

Price at last update: $99.99

Best For The Whole Family

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Spikeball Rookie Set

The Spikeball Rookie set is made for more fun for everyone. It has a bigger ball and a bigger net. This makes it great for beginners, kids or if you want to play with more people at the same time. eg 6 players.

The Spikeball Rookie set comes with a 50% bigger net and ball.

Want to get the whole family involved? This is the set for you!

Price at last update: $59.99

Spikeball has a number of additional products that we love, but we don’t want to get too distracted from our main topic, so we will cover these great add ons at the bottom of the review. For now lets look at some other options for Spikeball sets.

Alternative Sets We Love

Cheap But Still Good

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

Franklins Sports Spyderball Set

Franklins Sports is a great company that makes value for money sporting products for those on a tighter budget. This set costs only $29.99 and is bundles of fun.

With this set you get the ring, net, competition size balls, practice size balls, pump , needle and carry bag.

They have also formulated a design to assist with the net tension to provide better play.

Price at last update: $29.99

Mid-range Option

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

GoSports Slammo Game Set

This is the best mid range option we could find. Still durable and fun to play its is half the price of the main Spikeball Sets. If you are wanting to save a bit of money but still have great fun, then this is a good option for you.

Includes ring, net, legs, three balls and carry bag.

Price at last update: $34.99

High Quality Competitor

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets

JOGENMAX Outdoor Ball Game

JOGENMAX offers a high quality alternative to to main Spikeball branded sets.

This set is put together a bit differently than the other sets.

Instead of breaking apart for easy transportation, this set uses a foldable design. This means a sturdy construction as well as a taught net, as the net is not connected and disconnected. The JOGENMAX set also comes with padded sides to reduce rim shots.

However because of the design this set does not pack up as small and is slightly heavier.

It includes:

Ring target and net, inbuilt legs, three balls, pump and needle and a carry bag.

Price at last update: $69.99 – Same as Spikeball Standard.

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets - Beach

Spikeball is a ball of fun! We know! But it is.

Spikeball the brand have some amazing add ons to make sure the fun can follow you whenever you go and whomever you are with. Below you will find some of our favourite Spikeball Add-on Sets

Add-on 1: Spikebuoy

Want to take your Spikeball game to the next level. Namely water level! Spikeball now has an add-on that lets you play in water. Thats right! Keep cool in the sea or in a pool with the floating Spikeball set.

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets - Floating

Spikebuoy adds floats and an anchor bag to your Spikeball set and lets you play in the pool or water or wherever you can get your friends to join you.

This add on is great for summer fun at the pool or the beach, and a great add on gift for people already in love with the game.

Price at last update: $34.99

Don’t have a Spikeball set yet but also want the floating option? The get the pro kit bundle!

The Spikeball Rro Bundle With Spikebuoy
Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets - Pool Fun

Add-on 2: Spikeball Spikebrite

Do you get sad when it gets dark and your Spikeball fun needs to end because you cannot see the ball or ring anymore. Problem solved! Introducing the SpikeBrite. This list up set attachment will let you keep playing and having fun for hours.

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets - Light Up

Once again Spikeball have come to the party and are prepped for those who cannot decide between the SpikeBrite and the SpikeBuoy! Check out this Bundle kite. NB This kit doesn’t include a Spikeball set! You will need to buy this separately.

This set contains two items

  1. SpikeBrite
  2. Spikebuoy

Please not that availability for SpikeBrite is difficult to find.

In summary:

Top 6 Spikeball Sets - best Spikeball Sets
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