International Volley Camp

The Italian Volleyball Federation and the Italian Olympic Committee are both connected with the International Volleyball Camp. The International Volleyball Camp’s aim is to provide a growth plan for young people, coaches, volunteers, staff, and families via the implementation of a residential international camp. They are based in Norcia, Umbria in Italy.


  • 1 week: €490.00 (6 nights)
  • 2 weeks: €990.00 (13 nights)
  • 3 weeks:  €1,520.00 (20 nights)

Program Offered:

The camp is designed for boys and girls from 6 to 17 years old. All skill level players are welcome. It has a daily schedule of which there are trainings, demonstrations, group projects, competitions, and games.


Phone: (+39) 06.98353266

Fax: (+39) 06.98281354

Mobile: (+39) 3407981598 



Instagram: @volleycamp

Facebook: International Volleyball Camp 

YouTube: TheVolleycamp

Twitter: volleycamp

Tiktok: volleycamptiktok

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