Volleyball Futures Camp

Volleyball Futures assists young players who desire to play for England in their development. Futures Camps expose young players to the setting of an England National Team camp and what it’s like to practice like an England athlete. They get to work with England coaches and learn what it takes to be an England athlete. They learn about volleyball principles, how to practice them, and why they are critical to master in order to compete at the highest level.


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Programs Offered:

Virtual Quarantine Camps

The aim of the page is to bring together a variety of content both developed and written by them and from around the web which will be useful both with playing and training impossible due to Covid-19.

Mid-Season Boost

This camp is geared for athletes competing at the National League level; however, if there is enough interest, we may offer a court to county league competitors as well.

Skillz Camp

Scrimmages led by coaches teach athletes to the fundamentals of tactical awareness.

Elite Camp

The program focuses on position-specific skills, game preparation, and tactical awareness for the elite athlete. It is designed for players with several years of competitive experience who wish to hone their abilities and tactical awareness in preparation to play at the club or university level.

Skillz PLUS Camp

The Skillz PLUS Camp is designed for adolescents ages 14-17 who have committed to volleyball as a primary sport.

Emerging Elite Camp

Emerging Elite is for dedicated volleyball players between the ages of 14 and 17. The week-long course will emphasize teamwork and gaming simulations.

Pre-Elite Camp

The intermediate phase in the VbDC Performance sequence, which transitions athletes from the Emerging Elite Camp’s half-day training to a full-day training program.

Pre Season Boot-Camp

A five-day intensive program for athletes serious about pre-season training for National League, high school varsity, or even university teams. The camp will guarantee that all core skills are in place while also honing methods in preparation for the match.

Pathways Camp

Pathways is the VbDC program for 10- to 14-year-olds who have some prior experience with volleyball, either recreationally or in their first years of competitive play.

First Stepz

Taking VbDC on the road once a month.

8 Simple Rules Camp

Eight Simple Rules, or 8SR, is a new program meant to assist recreational players gain more enjoyment out of their game. It focuses on eight fundamental ideas that help individuals better understand the game and teaches athletes how to use those “rules” to produce a more enjoyable performance.


Website: https://vbdc.co.uk/

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