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Cape Town – Where To Play Volleyball In Cape Town

Cape Town has long hot summer days and beautiful beaches with soft powdery white sand, framed by stunning mountain vistas. Every summer people from around the world visit Cape Town to enjoy the beautiful city, spend a few months in its warm summer temperatures while Europe is locked in the cold of winter. Cape Town has become a hotspot for beach volleyball in South Africa and Africa. Most days you can find the popular yellow nets set up on either Camps Bay, Clifton and sometimes Muizenberg. Check out these Cape Town webcams for a little peak at what the Cape Town weather is looking like.

Where to Play Beach Volleyball in Cape Town

Cape Town Volleyball - Where to play volleyball in Cape Town

Camps Bay

Camps Bay Beach is one of the most popular places for beach volleyball in Cape Town. There are “designated” areas where nets are allowed to be set up so as not to get in the way of other beach users trying to relax on their deck chairs. These areas are opposite Paranga restaurant and in front of the usually dry concrete pool. There is usually space for four beach volleyball nets so make sure you get there early if you are wanting to set up your own net. There is also an overflow area that is sometimes used for the weekly Beach Bums training sessions held most Saturdays. This area is in the most southern corner of the beach.

The best way to integrate into the beach volleyball community is to join Beach Bums so they can assess your skill level. If you are wanting to learn and improve your volleyball then this is a great club to join. It is also a great way to meet other beach volleyball players. Beach Bums is mainly for beginners but they also have some intermediate volleyball training sessions in the week. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Once Beach Bums thinks you have an adequate level to join the pick up games happening on the beach, then they can introduce you to some people who will welcome you to some games and some other private volleyball Whatsapp groups.

If you think you have an intermediate level of beach volleyball and are comfortable playing beach volleyball twos then you can walk up to some people playing on the beach and ask politely to join. As you will know its often difficult to trust someones volleyball skill level when they just walk up on the beach, so you will have to prove your skill level somehow and be very eager and friendly. The person you meet might point you in the direction of a net that welcomes more intermediate level players and it will depend on how many people are sharing a net that day.

So we advise going the Beach Bums route as the best way to join the community.

Cape Town Volleyball - Where to play volleyball on Cape Town

Clifton Beaches

The world famous Clifton beaches are also a fantastic place to play volleyball. Space is even tighter on these beaches so getting there early is critical. Mostly Clifton 4th beach is used for volleyball as it is the beach with the largest area and the least rocks. Clifton beach is very protected from the South East wind so it is popular when the summer winds are blowing.

It is important to be aware of the other beach users on both beaches but especially on Clifton 4th. Clifton lifesaving club is very active and often holds competitions on the beach, so it is important to be friendly and polite to them. They have the priority on the beach, but they will usually show you a place where you can set up out of their way if you are polite to them.

At max capacity it is sometimes possible to squeeze four volleyball nets onto Clifton 4th beach.

Jolleyball Nets

If you are just looking to play some relaxed 5 or 6 aside volleyball with some friends you can set up most places along Cliftons 4 beaches. Just make sure you don’t abuse the space you are using and be aware of the other beach users.

Green Point Gym

There is an awesome standing beach volleyball court with lights at the Virgin Active in Green Point. This is a really cool feature of volleyball in Cape Town and allows people to play volleyball even though it is dark. This is a great location for winter volleyball as it gets dark quite early in Cape Town in winter.

You do need to be a member of the gym in order to play though.

Green Point Park

There is also a beach volleyball area in the Green Point park. The sand used for the court is a bit gravely and can scrap your knees, so be wary of that. You could also try setting up your net in the park somewhere and enjoy some grass volleyball.

Beach Bums Volleyball Club

Cape Town Volleyball - Where to play volleyball on Cape Town -beach bums volleyball club

The Beach Bums Volleyball Club is the home of beach volleyball in Cape Town. They offer personal training, group training, and corporate events at the world-class beaches of Camps Bay and Clifton. Beach Bums provide beach volleyball training for all levels every Saturday at 10 am on Camps Bay Beach or Clifton 4th.

Beach bums also organize corporate events which include team-building exercises and fun volleyball coaching. All nets and equipment are supplied as well as a life coach and volleyball coach. They also offer to facilitate beach volleyball at your party which includes fun team-based games on the popular beaches of Cape Town, organized by a competent organizer and coach. All nets and equipment needed will be supplied.

Beach Bums also have nets for hire, up to 4 nets per event at all beaches around Cape Town. They will conveniently set the nets up for you. And to give you an active and fun-filled summer, they also host Saturday tournaments either on Clifton or Camps Bay beach, from the end of November to the beginning of March.

The Head Coach

Jerome Fredericks, a world-renowned beach volleyball athlete, runs the Beach Bums Volleyball Club. Since the end of his sporting career as a player for the National Beach team, he made it his mission to share both his experience and training knowledge to beach volleyball enthusiasts. Together with his team, he dedicates his time training leisure and recreational athletes. Jerome is also part of the National Coaching team for beach volleyball in South Africa. He specializes in the implementation of training programs, development of mental and physical fitness and monitoring player performance and fitness levels. He also has excellent beach volleyball technical knowledge and has experience in rehabilitation. For more information, you can visit the Beach Bums Volleyball Club website and contact them directly.

Spike your way to one of the best places to play beach volleyball — Cape Town.

Where To Play Indoor Volleyball In Cape Town

There are a number of teams and clubs that you can join if you would like to play indoor volleyball in Cape Town. Volleyball is a small sport in South Arica so check in with the clubs below to find out their times and locations as this list may not be up to date. There are also training sessions and teams at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the University of the Western Cape (UWC).

South Peninsula Volleyball Academy

South Peninsula Volleyball Academy is a community based volleyball club focused on development of the sport. They offer coaching volleyball skills and technique, from beginner to advanced. At the moment only a women’s team


Lotus River Sport and Recreation Centre, Lotus River, Cape Town

Training times: Tues & Thurs 7:30pm


Cape Warriors Volleyball Academy

The Cape Warriors Volleyball Academy was established during September 2015 as a community based sports club.

Venue: Eerste River Multipurpose Centre. Corner Beverly Avenue & Bobs Way, Eerste River, Cape Town

Training times: Every Tuesday from 18H30 to 20H30. Then every 3rd Tuesday from 18H30 to 21H30

Contact: Yusuf 082 879 1182



Lotus Lions Volleyball Club

Venue: Lotus River Civic Centre

Training times: Thursdays 19:00

Contact: Kayla 082 847 2644


Ballers Volleyball Club

Venue: Hexpark Primary School, Worcester

Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:00-21:00

Teams: Male & Female

Contact: Mario Opperman 083 292 2849

Southern Titans Volleyball Club

Venue: Kannemeyer Primary School hall, 2nd Avenue, Grassy Park

Training: Monday evenings 18:30 till 21:30

Contact: Jason Benjamin
Cell: 0731872426

You can also contact for more information on Volleyball in South Africa.

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