Best Top Pool Basketball Nets And Games

The Top 6 Pool Basketball Nets

Nothing says fun in the sun like time with family and friends in the pool, with the bbq going on the side, people laughing on towels and deck chairs on the grass and pool playing games in the cool refreshing waters of the pool. One of our most popular blogs is our Best 5 Pool Volleyball Nets post, but we have seen a number of people looking for fantastic pool volleyball nets are also searching for other great pool activities and games. One of the games at the top of the list is Pool Basketball. So we thought we could curate a list of the top 5 pool basketball nets available.

Here are our Top 8 Pool Basketball Nets:

Quality Side of Pool Hoops

  1. GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Game
  2. Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop by Shantou
  3. Poolmaster Poolside Basketball Net

Inflatable Floating Pool Basketball Hoops

  1. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game
  2. Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark
  3. Turnmeon 4 In 1 Set Giant 36” Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop
  4. Bestkid Ball Pool Basketball Hoop – Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set

Cheap All In One Pool Games Set

  1. Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops
  2. Pool Basketball Hoop Set,Floationg Pool Toys for Kid & Adults

Quality Pool Side Basketball Hoops

1. GoSports Splash Hoop PRO Swimming Pool Basketball Net

GoSports Pool Basketball Hoop Net And Game

We love GoSports options for pool volleyball nets, and their options for pool basketball nets are no different. GoSports offers high quality pool sports equipment that will last and deliver hours of fun with your family and friends.

The set includes pool side basketball net, two specifically designed balls and a pump. It also comes in two great colors. Blue or Red.

This pool basketball hoop is designed for unground pools as you need to place the hoop on a sturdy , solid area next to the pool. The construction is robust and easy to set up. Water is added to the base of the pool basketball hoop sos that it is study while playing games.

This basketball hoop is our first choice for pool basketball fun.

Get yours today and start the fun.

2. Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop by Shantou

Pool Basketball Hoop Net And Game By Shantou

If you are looking for something a slightly more affordable check out the Shantou Pool Basketball Hoop. They use both water and sand in their weight to keep the net firmly balanced on the side of the pool. Just like the GoSports net this net promises hours of fun in the pool shooting hoops and making dramatic dives and 3 pointers. The the GoSports this hoop comes with two water basketball balls and a pump.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops and Nets

If we had to choose we would go with the GoSports option, but if you really want to save a bit of money try this one out.

Another great standing pool basketball set is the Poolmaster 72820 Splashback Poolside Basketball Game – Which is also listed as one of Amazons choice products.

3. Poolmaster 72820 Splashback Poolside Basketball Game

This product is the most expensive on the list, but is a sturdy and durable option. We think that when compared to the GoSports model the price does not warrant too much attention. However we think it is important to include it here for completeness.

Inflatable Floating Pool basketball Hoops/Nets

An alternative to the pool side nets we suggested above are these fanatic inflatable basketball nets that float in the pool and offer a soft fun game anyone can enjoy. These kinds of nets have multiple games that can be played with them and are design more for a freer game with less structure. Being inflatable they are soft and therefore safer to play with for everyone. We have a few great options listed below.

4. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game

GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game and Net

Back to our favourite pool spots brand GoSports. GoSports offers a great floating basketball hoop option. GoSports’s option is not totally inflatable as the bottom ring, uprights and hoop are made from rigid high quality plastic, designed to withstand the most enthusiastic of games. The hoop floats on three foam sections at the base of the hoop.

This means that there will be no leaks and less wear and tear on the product. it also means you do not need to blow up the hoop every time , potentially with your mouth and lungs if you do not have a pump available.

This set requires no tools to set up and will last well under the pressures of kids having fun in the pool. We think this is a great option for all pools.

If you would rather have full inflatable pool basketball hoops then the next few options are for you:

5. Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set by Hoop Shark

Top Pool Basketball Nets Hoops Games

The Hoop Shark pool basketball hoop has a textured durable finish and reinforced seems to make it stronger and last longer. This is one of our best bets when it comes to inflatable pool basketball hoops and games. It is also multipurpose and you can play more than just pool basketball. There are various scoring slots and options not he pool shark game.

The Hoop Shark comes in two colors – Yellow and Orange and includes one pool basketball. This durable inflatable hoop is the perfect game for hours of fun in the pool this summer. If you are wanting a fully inflatable hoop, this is a great option.

6. Turnmeon 4 In 1 Set Giant 36” Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for a smaller slightly cheaper option why not try the Turnmeon 4 in 1 inflatable floating hoop. Its loads of fun, has great colours and includes four great games you can play in the pool with your friends and kids.

This set comes with three inflatable balls so everyone can have fun at the same time. This Inflatable Basketball Hoop features 6 different points: 15, 25, 50, 75, 100, 500. 3 Players toss basketballs into the goal, then the ball rolls out of a different hole to get the corresponding score. Whoever get the most points wins. This makes it more challenging and fun for swimming pool party games.

7. Bestkid Ball Pool Basketball Hoop – Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Set

Another great quality inflatable pool basketball hoop is the Bestkid ball hoop game. Like the Hoop Shark game this is a fantastic high quality inflatable hoop option.

This set includes inflatable hoop, ball, pump and two needles and promises hours of fun , shooting hoops and relaxing with mates. This option runs at a similar price to the Hoop Shark one.

The Bestkid pool basket ball hoop comes in a great looking blue colour that bound to grab people attention and get them excited to play with you . It also comes in a great red option as well. If you can’t find the needle to blow up the basketball, look at the handle of the pump. The handle of the pump has a cap on it and the needle is in the handle. Please just be aware that inflatable toys like this can generate leaks after lots of time playing in the pool and sun.

Thats our list of great pool basketball games. Perhaps you are looking to get a whole set of pool games? Then potentially choose one of the simple ones below, or check out our post on our favourite pool sports games…coming soon.

Cheap All In One Pool Games Set

8. Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

If you are just looking to have some low key fun in the pool with your kids and their friends and you want something that isn’t going to break the bank why not try out this inflatable set that includes both a pool volleyball net and a pool basketball hoop. It also includes a pump to help you set up and two balls.

There are a bunch of these kinds of sets on Amazon. Check them out and choose your favourite.

9. Pool Basketball Hoop Set,Floationg Pool Toys for Kid & Adults

Looking for more variety than just basketball and volleyball. Try out this set full of fun games to play in the pool. It includes basketball, pool rings, toss rings, floating water pistols as well as a ball and pump. This is one of the cheaper options and is reflected in the quality of the items. Sometimes the best fun is had with the cheapest toys.

once again we hope you found this post useful and know you are going to have the best time in the pool this summer. If you are looking for our best pool volleyball post click here, and check back soon for more fun pool related sports games.

best 5 pool volleyball sets


Pool Volleyball is a favorite recreational pool activity of many and a great way to spend the day. It is exciting, engaging, and can be competitive, too. The level of fun, however, often depends on the quality of your pool volleyball set. So, we’ve come up with The 5 Best Pool Volleyball Sets so you can enjoy playing your favorite sport non-stop anytime, rain or shine!


  1. GoSports Splash Net PRO
  2. Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System
  3. POOL SHOT Pool Volleyball Net
  4. Poolmaster 72706 Water Volleyball Game
  5. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

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GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Set Net

Splash into the ultimate pool day and serve up the summer fun with the GoSports Splash Net PRO! This volleyball set is compatible with virtually any in-ground pool. It comes with an adjustable volleyball net with posts, 2 water volleyballs, and a pump. The net straps can be adjusted for any sized pool up to a maximum width of 25 feet. GoSports Splash Net Pro is engineered to withstand all the splashing that comes with playing water volleyball. It features water-weighted bases to keep your net upright and prevents tipping over for hours of fun. The sturdy bases and netting ensure maximum fun in the pool. There’s no surprise why the GoSports Splash Net PRO ranks 1st on Our Best 5 Pool Volleyball Sets!

Here are some great customer reviews for the GoSports Splash Net PRO:

“Perfection. I’ve had several pool volleyball nets and this is the best. The design allows for a tight net that does not sag. Very smart engineering and great quality. It’s adjustable so it’s fits different sized pools. Seems like they’ve learned from the shortfalls of the other nets on the market. Best part is they send two balls so you can play continuously without having to jump out of the pool after a bad shot. These guys always over deliver on quality and value. So stoked! Thank you.”

“Item arrived earlier than expected and in good condition. The setup was very easy, just slide the post through the base and fill with water. The net has quick connect ends so it’s easy to remove when not needed and just leave the bases next to the pool. The two balls that came with the set seem to work quite well and the net seems to be good quality, only time will tell, only been using it for two weeks.”


Park and Sun Sports Portable Indoor Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net Set

Park & Sun Sports are one of the biggest names in quality volleyball equipment. The Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System is a perfect addition to add some fun as you splash around the pool on a hot summer day. It is easy to set up and great for in-ground pools. This 24-foot net set comes with all the equipment necessary to play fun family games or competitive games with friends. It features Aqua sports level volleyball net, Support bases to fill with sand or water, Durable 1 5/8 two-piece telescopic PVC poles, and ground stakes for additional net tensioning. So give your pool a competitive edge and put this volleyball net up!

Here is a very positive customer review for the Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Swimming Pool Volleyball Net System:

“Love the net! Perfect for our pool. We ended up using cinder blocks to hold the bases in place. That way we can move the net easily and not have anything permanently in the ground. We also have the concrete pool decking all around the perimeter of the pool, so nothing soft to anchor the net too. Works great for us. I’d recommend and buy it again. Been playing volleyball in the pool every weekend. Nice durable net.”


best 5 pool volleyball sets

The POOL SHOT Pool Volleyball Net with Spike N Splash System is designed for intense play and all weather conditions. This outdoor net is made with rugged plastic construction that features 2 bases that are rotationally molded from UV-resistant polyethylene and supported by stainless steel hardware with some aluminum. The rounded aluminum supports are powder coated for durability. Just fill-up the bases with water or sand and your pool volleyball system will virtually be anchored to the deck. Featuring its anti-tumbling designed plastic bases, you won’t have to worry about installing ground anchors. The net is made from nylon material and can cater 12 feet to 20 feet pools. The set also includes 1 white vinyl volleyball that is perfect for water use.


Poolmaster 72706 Water Volleyball Pool Set

Make water volleyball fun for the whole family with Poolmaster 72706 Water Volleyball Game. The volleyball frame made of durable non-corrosive PVC tubing. Just snap together the PVC tubes with four floats to start your in-the-water play action! No tools are required is very easy to assemble. The net measure 70 inches wide and 18 inches high. The set also comes with deluxe water volleyball and inflating needle. This set is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Check out this very honest customer review for the Poolmaster 72706 Water Volleyball Game:

“I like that it is easy to remove from pool when not in use. It was a little difficult to assemble, but is perfect for my grandchildren.”


Intex Pool Volleyball Set

Have fun under the sun with your friends with the Intex Pool Volleyball Game. This floating net is made from sturdy 10-gauge vinyl. This pool volleyball set comes with an inflatable 7-gauge vinyl volleyball. The pole bases are grommeted to add anchor weights. This green and yellow inflatable volleyball game measures 94″ x 25″ x 36″ and is ideal for ages 6 and above. The set also includes a repair kit and a shelf box. This set is great for those on a budget.

Here are some of the interestingly positive customer reviews for the Intex Pool Volleyball Game:

“This is a GREAT VALUE! It’s super nice and very inexpensive. It truly won’t hurt my feelings if I only get one summer of use out of it. It comes with bags to help anchor into place at the bottom of the pool. I used round and smooth landscape rocks to fill the bags. I placed 6 rocks in each bag (see the photos attached). Make sure you have something ready to fill the bags. You cannot use sand or rice, the bags have large holes in them and you don’t want small items to spill out on the bottom of your pool. I was worried that this would be too small from the photo, but it is large and a very nice size for a fun game of water volleyball.”

”This game might be the best thing I have ever spent $13 on. It inflated easily, the attached vinyl “pouches” are genius… just fill them with large stones or rocks and either use them like anchors and let them sink to the bottom of the pool to hold the net in place or, stretch the cords across the width of the pool and place the weighted pouches on the pool decking.

We seriously put this net and the ball through a workout, playing for hours every day for over a week. The ball was hit out of the pool on numerous occasions and landed on rocks and sticks in the yard and never punctured. If you are looking for a fun game for the pool that everyone from young child to older person (my 81 year old mom got in on the action!) can enjoy, this is IT!! Tons of laughter and good times.”

So, order any of these pool volleyball sets, jump into your pool, and enjoy days’ worth of fun playing volleyball!