Cumuruxtiba Beach Volleyball Center

Cumuruxtiba Beach Volleyball Center

Cumuruxtiba Beach Volleyball Center offers an opportunity to discover a bit of Brazil — the wonderful beaches, beautiful tropical climate and the hospitality of a warm-hearted village. The camp is suitable for both beginner and experienced players. Their training programs are built according to the basic objectives of developing simultaneously technical abilities, positioning, and tactical perception.  Their method favors reflection and analysis instead of robotization.

The camp includes 2 training sessions per day which depend on your needs and personal objectives, your mood, and your physical capabilities. After the training sessions there are beach volleyball game sessions with native players where you can put into practice what you learned. The camp can cater only up to a maximum of 15 participants in order to maintain a very personalized and detailed approach to the training.

After the practice, participants can re-hydrate with fruit juices or coconut water. Participants can relax by taking walks through the village and along the beaches or taking baths in the ocean or river. You can also simply listen to music, lie in a hammock, read books, and play pool or chess.

Bed and Board

Accommodation is in an individual room a few meters from the ocean, with double-beds for complete comfort. The room can also be shared with a partner, so you can bring along a companion.


For participants, the camp costs 60 Euros per day with 2 training sessions and individual accommodation all included. For non-participating companions (shared accommodation), it’s 35 Euros per day.

With an exciting location and specialized training — Cumuruxtiba Beach Volleyball Center guarantees you will have a fun and challenging experience. For more information, visit the Cumuruxtiba Beach Volleyball Center website.

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