Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump Review

Most volleyballs are sold deflated and without a ball pump. It’s worth it to invest in your own ball pump to keep your ball properly inflated. The Fitness Factor Dual Action Ball Pump is a lightweight and portable pump which inflates not only a volleyball but also rugby balls, footballs, speed bags, basketballs, workout balls, and other sports balls. Whether you are a coach, an athlete, a parent, or a fitness enthusiast – this pump can help you maintain your balls in tiptop shape. You can also use it toFitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump inflate all inflatable toys.


  • Height: 8.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5 ounces
  • Item model number: PMP3
  • Brand: Fitness Factor


  • Sports Ball Maintenance: Inflate a volleyball, rugby ball, football, speed bag, basketball, workout ball, and other sports balls.
  • Dual Action Hand Pump: Pumps twice as fast for more efficient inflation. Don’t tire yourself out while inflating your balls and toys!
  • Needles Included: Your pump comes with an already installed inflation needle and 2 extra pins in case one pin breaks or gets lost.
  • Small and Portable: A soft cap keeps the needle from breaking so you can throw it in your athletic bag and hit the road without worrying.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Fitness Factor guarantees your purchase in order to ensure customer satisfaction and product performance.

Dual Action Hand Pump

With its dual action engineering that pushes air on both the up and down strokes, the Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump inflates balls twice as fast. No air or effort is wasted as it pumps air into your ball both when you push and pull the handle. The pump is easy to use as it only takes a few quick pushes and pulls to pump up your ball. Designers have achieved this effect by sealing the piston of the dual action ball pump in the cylinder at both ends. The pump has two pairs of check valves: one below the piston and one above. Consequently, when the piston is pulled up, air is admitted to one side of the piston and expelled on the other side. When the piston moves down, the valves switch to the opposite positions, admitting air above the piston and expelling it from below.

This innovative design makes pumping smooth and easy so that your arms won’t be too tired from inflating your balls. Thus, it saves your time and energy. The Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump is very efficient compared to standard pumps as it maintains a compact body while still packing a big punch of air.

Ergonomic Design

The Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump features an ergonomic design for added comfort and ease of use. It comes with a textured, soft, rubber handle that fits comfortably in your hand for an intuitive grip. The pump is also compact and portable. It measures 8.5 inches long without the needle and 9.5 inches long with the needle which makes it easy to fit in your gym bag, glove compartment or even in your pocket. This hand pump also comes with one needle already installed and two additional needles as spares when you lose or break one. Also included is a soft rubber cap to protect the needle so that you can put it in your bag and take it anywhere without worry.


  • Small, compact and portable
  • Easy to use
  • The pump comes with a full lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Does not have its own pressure gauge
  • Not very durable

Overall, the Fitness Factor Small Dual Action Ball Pump is affordable and effective. With its dual action pumping mechanism, compact and portable design, and three needles included it is perfect for all your balls and toys. A sturdy little pump that get the job done quckly.

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