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Are you in dire need of a reliable and high-quality badminton racket set for on-the-go use? We’ve got something for you!

Fostoy badminton racket set is designed for players of all skill levels. These professional rackets are made of a full carbon fiber frame, fiber wire, and solid wood handle making them sturdy, stable, and lightweight. The full carbon fiber middle pole increases the rackets’ rebound and attack power. These rackets are also made of good-elasticity and high-strength wire holes that can better protect the strings and then extend the string’s longevity. The rackets’ shock-reduce oval frame design expands the sweet spot that increases the effectiveness of the string lines and the hit rate. They are designed to enhance your defense and increase your effective range. These badminton rackets can also maintain good precision and speed. The grip, on the other hand, is comfortable, and turning is easier.

This racket set comes with three (3) feather shuttlecocks that enhance badminton resistance and one (1) carrying bag. Also, Fostoy provides lifetime money back/replacement service for this badminton racket set.

Fostoy Badminton_Racket Set


  • Material: 100% carbon fiber, sturdy and light
  • Badminton racket frame: carbon fiber
  • Badminton Racket net material: fiber
  • Racket handle: solid wood
  • Weight: 100 +/- 5 gram/per badminton racket
  • Product Dimensions: 26.4 x 7.9 x 1.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

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  • 2 badminton racket
  • 3 shuttlecock
  • 2 grip tape
  • 1 carry bag

Here are some great customer reviews for the Fostoy Badminton Racket Set:

“After several days of evaluation, the quality of badminton rackets is really good, the feel is good, it is not easy to slip out, it is worth buying.”

“We happened to try the Rackets this weekend and very much like them.
They are super lightweight. Soft to touch grip, makes it comfortable to play.
I like that they’re solid and still feels light. One-piece design make me hope, that this Rackets will last. And also I like the strings tension. When we play, we can definitely feel it for the sound Racket make while hitting the shuttlecock, which by the way is included.
As for the bag, it’s little flimsy, I don’t think it’ll last. But it was nice addition, not a main item.”

“No regret purchase. This badminton Racket made with good quality and lightweight. It is amazing that badminton was made by real feather. The net part is resilient and tight to hit badminton easy and fast powerfully. The handle is comfortable to hold without scratching palm. Worth to buy.”

With excellent material, beautiful packaging, perfect designed details, and portability, Fostoy Badminton Racket Set could be the one you are looking for!

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