Tandem Sport Elbow Pads


Tandem Sport Elbow Pads is a flexible foam knit pad that slips easily onto the elbows to protect from floor burns and bruising. It is perfect for use on hard court surfaces where repeated elbow-to-floor contact is made. This injury prevention support aid is perfect for all ages and levels whether you are a beginner or advanced player. These elbow pads are sold in pairs. Say no more to bruises and floor burns!


  • Flexible foam knit
  • Easy to slip onto the elbows
  • Protect from floor burns and bruising
  • Includes two (2) machine washable Elbow pads
  • One Size fits most


“I love these!! I play club volleyball and I’m 16 and my arms are really small I tried compression sleeve pads but they didn’t last long before stretching out and not fitting anymore even after a good wash and dry but these I’ve had for a month or two and so far they’ve only had one wash and dry and they have fit amazing every time! Definitely good for liberos who have smaller childish size arms like mine and they slide smoothly on the ground instead of stopping you so that’s also a plus! When I got them they were a little big so I immediately threw them in the washer and dryer and after they fit perfectly:) I highly recommend they are lifesavers for diving!!!”

“Daughter loves these elbow pads…as a libero, bruised elbows have been part of the job. She’s been wearing these for about a year now. She’s only a sophomore in high school – ranked 3rd in the state! The elbow pads have been very helpful!”

“My daughter took a bad dive to the elbow during her volleyball game. Had to see a dr. and they gave her some a cushion and some wrap it worked but was rather awkward. I was searching for elbow pads and found these. They worked perfectly!! Cushioned her arm especially when she had to dive to dig the ball. Shes a tall girl 5’11” so thats a lot of force going down to the ground. The fit fine under her long sleeve Jersey and still allowed full mobility and bend. I 100% recommend these for any elbow cushion you need!!”

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