Iconic Hamburg Clay Court Turns To Sand Again

Iconic Hamburg Clay Court Turns To Sand Again!

It is so exciting to see that one of the world’s most famous clay tennis courts has again been covered in truck loads of beach sand to host a world-level beach volleyball event! Wondering what’s happening? 

It is finally time for the legendary Rothenbaum tennis venue to undergo its transformation to welcome the Beach Pro Tour Hamburg Elite16, which runs from 10 August until 14 August. We Love Volleyball, and it excites us to see the progress made at the venue to embrace the very best of beach volleyball for 2022.

Sandra Ittlinger & Isabel Schneider eager to test the new sand at the Rothenbaum
Sandra Ittlinger & Isabel Schneider testing the new sand at the Rothenbaum

The Facility

This conversion is taking place for the fifth time this year, having started in 2016, in order to welcome the volleyball elite in the northern German city. It takes about nine days to bring in roughly 72 trucks of premium volleyball beach sand; the court needs about 1000 tons to complete the makeover! This creates two competition courts as well as the warm-up court. Once the tournament is complete, the sand is made available to local interested sports clubs for their facilities. 

Since 1892, Hamburg’s Am Rothenbaum has been home to the German Open tennis tournament for the ATP tour. The current facility underwent expansions and renovations in both 1999 and 2020 to make it a world-class venue with a 10000-capacity. The facility has previously hosted four top-level volleyball events, namely the 2016 Hamburg Major, the 2017 and 2018 World Tour Finals, and the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in 2019. The Elite16 tournament is set to be the best tournament yet as the highlight of this season’s first Beach Pro Tour.

Watch The Action!

Check out the Beach Volleyball World YouTube channel for all the live streaming action from the Hamburg qualifiers. And don’t miss all the main draw matches live on Volleyball TV.

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