Volleyball Gifts Ideas

20 Great Volleyball Gift Ideas

We are sure you know that those that play volleyball have a deep and passionate love for the game, and why wouldn’t they. When shopping for Christmas, a birthday or just because you know a volleyball themed gift is going to go down well it can be tricky to come up with ideas, so we decided to put together a list for you. We’ve tried to include a variety of gifts and gift types in our list, great practical gifts that will be used a lot, as well as fun gifts to show someones love for the sport. We have also tried to have a wide price range to suit your budget.

Quick Volleyball Gift Ideas List:

  1. Volleyball Ball
  2. Volleyball Net
  3. VERT Jump Monitor
  4. INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer
  5. Magnetic Jump & Reach Board
  6. Volleyball Shoes
  7. Nike Volleyball Knee Pads
  8. Spikeball
  9. Sport Duffel Bag
  10. Volleyball Jersey
  11. Spike Glove – Volleyball Training Aid
  12. Tandem Sport Pass Rite Trainer
  13. Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal For Solo Practice
  14. Volleyball 3D Lamp Optical Illusion Night Light
  15. 100 Pcs Volleyball Stickers
  16. Love Volleyball T Shirts
  17. Volleyball Hoodie
  18. Stainless Steel Hollow Volleyball Necklace
  19. Volleyball Poster
  20. Volleyball Drawstring Bag

Our Best Volleyball Gifts List

1. A Volleyball Ball

The first item on the list has to be a volleyball. It can be an indoor volleyball or an outdoor volleyball. If your loved one already has an indoor volleyball, why not get them a beach volleyball , so they can expand their game. You can also get them a fun volleyball that is colorful or glows in the dark. Check out some of these options below or read our posts on the best beach volleyball or the best indoor volleyballs.

Below are some cool choices:

2. Volleyball Net – Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

Best Volleyball Set - Baden Champions Volleyball Set

One of the best volleyball gifts we can recommend is a outdoor portable volleyball set. Your loved one might spend all their time playing volleyball in a indoor gym, but outside in a park, in the garden or at the beach is where friends and family come together to play volleyball. Let your loved one take their passion for volleyball with them wherever they want to.

One of our favourite volleyball net gift sets is the Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set. Its not only a volleyball set but a badminton set as well. This high quality set is ready for hours of fun with friends and family.

3. VERT Jump Monitor Powered by G Technology

Volleyball players love the feeling of a perfectly timed jump and spike or a resounding block at the net. We always wonder: How high we jumped? Are our jumps getting higher? Did I look really cool there?

Well now all these questions can be answered, except the cool factor one, with the VERT Jump Device which is super easy to use. Simply clip on the device for quick training or use the VERT belt for longer games and practices. There is no calibration required.

It then connects to an app on your phone so you can see all your stats quickly and easily and save them for future analysis and progress tracking. The VERT jump monitor can help prevent injury, tells you your landing impact, kinetic injury, height, average height, best jump and much more.

You can also set up drills to help you improve your jumping, including a vertical jump test and vertical shuttle test.

VERT’s jump monitor was the first wearable to be used in the NCAA Volleyball Championships.

4. Vertical Jump Trainer

Knowing how high you can jump is only the beginning now you or your loved one is going to want to be able to jump higher. One of the best ways to do that is with a vertical jump trainer. INNSTARs vertical jump trainer is a fantastic tool designed to increase leg strength through resistance training.

There are some cheaper options, but this product is made with fantastic quality materials and will last through some pretty rigorous use.


  • Adjustable Waistband – 27.5 inches – 38.5 inches ( There is an XL version available )
  • 2 Leg Resistance Ropes
  • 2 Adjustable Ankle Straps
  • 1 Carry Bag

5. Magnetic Jump and Reach Board

Don’t want to spend as much on a wearable device to measure your jumps? Why not try a magnetic jump board. This cool magnetic jump board can help you measure how high you and your friends are jumping and measure your improvement over time. We advise rather not going for cheaper options as they tend to break easily or they do not stick to the wall well.

The board is adjustable for different ages and ability. Heights in 1/2 inch increments, total range 33 inches.


  • 2 piece blue powder-coated steel board.
  • Yellow Magnets

6. Volleyball Shoes


If you are looking for a more practical gift then why not some great new Volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes only last for about one season so they are always needed. This present is more suitable for parents to their children or from a significant other who knows the player well, knows their shoe size and what kind of shoes they may like or have.

The ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball shoes are the best selling volleyball shoes on Amazon. They are a great bet and come in a variety of colors.

If you need more help choosing a volleyball shoe check out our posts: Best Volleyball Shoes for Men or Best Volleyball Shoes for Women.

7. Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball players are always wearing through their knee pads and are always needing new ones. So they are a great option when searching for a volleyball gift. Nike’s volleyball knee pads are a great option and very popular. Alternatively you can read our post on the top 4 volleyball knee pads available.

8. Spikeball

Top 5 Spikeball Sets

An epic gift for anyone who loves volleyball is Spikeball. A sport in its own right but with lots of crossover. Spikeball is a fun game that can be played by 2 – 6 ppl and is extremely portable. Play outside in the garden or park, on a beach or in the gym.

Spikeball is definitely a great gift for anyone who does not have their own set yet.


9. Sport Duffelbag

Another great gift is a cool duffel bag to lug all their volleyball equipment around in. Check out these three from Under Armour, Nike and Mizuno.

10. Volleyball Team Jersey

Having cool or meaningful volleyball jerseys to practice in is always cool. Think about getting them a volleyball jersey from their national team, their favourite country or their favourite players. This could be a club or national volleyball jersey. eg Team USA jersey, Team Canada jersey, Team UK jersey.

11. Spike Glove – Volleyball Training Aid

Tools and Equipment to help improve your loved ones game is also a great bet as a gift. This Spike Glove helps players learn the proper spike technique to improve power and accuracy.

12. Tandem Sport Pass Rite Trainer

The Tandem Sport Pass Rite trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment to help players learn how to pass and set the ball accurately. If your loved one is passionate about getting better at volleyball then this is a great gift for them. Its a nice smaller sized gift as well, costing only $14.99.

13. Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal For Solo Practice

If you want to get good at volleyball you are going to need to practice on your own. The Tandem Sport Volleyball Pal reduces the need to continually run after your ball, and increases the amount of time you will be able to practice spiking, passing, serving and setting. Its a great gift for all would be volleyball players. If you want other training equipment gift ideas, check out our post here.

Smaller Volleyball Gifts & Decorations

You might be looking for some smaller gifts and decorations to give out at Christmas, a birthday or a special occasion. Here are some of our smaller less training related ideas.

14. Volleyball 3D Lamp Optical Illusion Night Light

This cool night light will light up a room with volleyball spirit all night.

15. 100 Pcs Volleyball Stickers

Teenages love to decorate their things with cool stickers representing their passion. This pack includes 100 volleyball theme stickers.

16. Love Volleyball T Shirt

Why not gift your loved one a great Volleyball T Shirt.

17. Volleyball Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a hoodie? Check out some of these cool designs from the 100s of ones to choose from online.

18. Stainless Steel Hollow Volleyball Necklace

Girls love jewellery and necklaces. Why not gift your daughter or friend this simple volleyball necklace.

Or find a bunch of other volleyball jewellery ideas online.

19. Volleyball Poster

Decorate the room with a cool volleyball poster. Choose and find some really cool posters for your loved ones room online.

20. Volleyball Drawstring Bag

Your loved one will love this volleyball themed draw string bag that will even fit their volleyball in.

We hope you liked our volleyball gift ideas – leave us a comment if you think we need to add anything to the list.

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