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Baden Champions Volleyball Set Review

Baden Champions Volleyball Set which comes with everything you need to have a tournament-quality match wherever you go. This set can be used on grass or sand so it is perfect for family reunions in your backyard or beach parties with friends.

Specifications Baden Champions Volleyball Set

  • Material: 24 Ply Polyethylene (Net), Steel (Poles), Synthetic Fabric
  • Posts: 8 feet (height) assembled, 1.5 inches diameter
  • Net: 32 feet (width) x 3 feet (height)
  • Boundary line: 180-ft. length
  • Stakes: 10 inches length (each)
  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 8.5 x 8 inches; 17 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 18.9 pounds
  • Brand: Baden
  • Model: G20400


  • Two collapsible poles
  • 10-inch tethered stakes to secure the net
  • Weatherproof polyethylene regulation net
  • Water-resistant Baden premium-quality volleyball
  • Hand pump and needle
  • Bright boundary line
  • Carrying bag holds the set for storage or travel
  • Rule book explains court setup and game-play

What is Included:

  • 2 heavy duty adjustable steel poles
  • 1 Regulation nylon mesh net with waterproof tape
  • 1 Baden premium quality volleyball
  • A set of weatherproof boundary lines,
  • 1 ball pump with needle
  • 4 stakes
  • 1 rule book and
  • 1 durable nylon carry bag

Heavy-duty Poles

Durability and stability are key when it comes to backyard volleyball sets. The Baden Champions Volleyball Set comes with powder-coated, regulation-size steel poles that are held up by heavy-duty double-braided rope, and 10-inch nylon stakes.

Regulation Net

The 24-ply net is made of durable, weatherproof polyethylene. The net also has a bright yellow border. The strings holding the net up are strong which enables the net to have enough tension to bounce the ball off and continue play, which is something you do not often get from a portable volleyball set. The poles only have one height setting, but you can adjust the height of the net using the ropes. The sleeves which are part of the net attaches the net to the poles. The main top rope of the net goes through the eye bolts at the top of each pole. The net can then slide up or down the poles by adjusting the rope via the eye bolts. This set also includes a Baden volleyball and air pump.

Court Boundaries

Baden Champions Volleyball Set also makes it easy to mark the court boundaries with the included 180 feet boundary line webbing. The boundary lines are 1.25-inch flat straps which stand out because of its bright yellow color. To help map out the court boundaries, the set includes 4 stakes for the corners. It also comes with bright red highlighted areas to indicate the middle of the boundary.

Quick and Easy Setup

The frustration-free design of Baden Champions Volleyball Set ensures an easy setup and take-down. Once you see all the parts, you can easily figure out how to set it up even without looking at the instructions. Setup will take about 15 minutes.

Easy Storage and Transport

Everything you need fits into one single durable weather-resistant carry bag for easy storage and transportation. The bag is very sturdy and is the perfect size for all the set items.


  • Heavy duty and sturdy poles.
  • High-quality net.
  • Easy to set up and take down.
  • Very portable.


  • Stakes are long but might not hold well in loose dirt or sand.
  • The poles only have one height setting.
  • Adjusting the height of the net using the ropes is not easy.
  • The ball not durable and a little hard.  (get a high-quality ball)
  • The pump is decent but a bit small.

With sturdy poles, a high-quality net, bright court lines, a decent ball, portable design plus quick and easy setup – the Baden Champions Volleyball Set is a perfect addition to your next backyard BBQ or bonfire at the beach. Get ready to play!

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