Camp Celtic

Founded in 1984, Camp Celtic is a non-denominational, family-run center that focuses on athletics, arts, and natural education. Providing excellent training and leadership to campers of all skills and interests is the primary focus of Camp Celtic. The leaders of the future will have to be adaptive, conscientious, and ecologically conscious in a way that has never been seen before. Camp provides a secure and nurturing atmosphere in which children may learn and develop. Celtic seeks to help campers have a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Camp Celtic’s guarantee is that they will provide their campers the finest possible experience.


Celtic Volleyball Camp is an exceptional residential sports camp that combines a rigorous volleyball and beach volleyball training program with an unforgettable camp environment. Coaching at all levels, from high school to club to university to worldwide programs, is provided by experienced professionals who are also enthusiastic about what they do.


  • There is a top volleyball coach at each of the four levels of competition: university, college, club, and professional.
  • Each court has an additional assistant coach.
  • Camp provides the chance for teammates to train together.
  • With the option to switch groups based on age and ability level.
  • Indoor and beach volleyball training focused on skill
  • Training that is tailored to the job
  • Participation in exercise classes led by a certified instructor
  • Age-specific tournaments: boys, girls, coed, beach
  • Medals of honor for exceptional achievement.
  • This is a comprehensive review at the conclusion of camp.


It costs $749.00 (plus HST) for a week at Celtic, which includes cabin lodging, all teaching and activities, and all meals. In addition to the fantastic Celtic souvenirs, there is also an on-site tuck store.




Phone: (519) 793-3911





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