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Volleyball players in Calgary, Alberta, dreamed of building Canada’s very own national training center back when they were all in their early twenties. For volleyball aficionados and newbies alike, Rally Pointe in Calgary is a first-class eight hard court facility and six outdoor beach courts – and they are delighted to provide it!


1. Fall Camps

Youth Fall League

Each age category will be distributed evenly among four teams (12 athletes per team) in our Youth League. Following the first day, which will serve as a skills development/evaluation day, teams will be formed. Each week, teams will train on weekdays and play on Saturdays.

Little Diggers

  • GRADE 1 & GRADE 2: This program will concentrate on a few critical sports principles (motor skills, body awareness with a ball, and cooperative activities) and then on a variety of volleyball fundamentals (territorial protection and attacking the the opponents territory). By incorporating elements from Volleyball Canada’s Mini Volley curriculum and adding their own flare.
  • GRADE 3 TO GRADE 5: The camp continues to concentrate on the ideas mentioned in their Kindergarten to Grade 2 camp, while also expanding all of the abilities to further push each athlete to develop on the tools of the game. This is accomplished by combining important principles from Volleyball Canada’s Mini Volley and Atomic programs with their own flare.

2. Summer Camps

4-5 Day Camps

Rally Pointe summer programs provide you with the opportunity to develop and improve your technical volleyball abilities (Serve, Underhand pass, Overhand pass, Attack, Defense and Blocking).

The camps will begin with a brief introduction to the coaches and a rundown of the week’s events. Athletes will next undergo basic skills testing to determine their grouping for the rest of the week. After the talent testing is completed, it is time to begin skill development.

The trainers will show each talent and break it down into its most fundamental motions before advancing to more advanced methods. Selected drills will be supported to ensure that each skill is effectively understood and practiced.

Once a skill has been completed, the skill combination process begins, and they will work on various multi-skill drills in a game-like setting. Then, at the conclusion of each day, we play a game to integrate what we’ve learned together.

Next Level Development Camp

This camp will be tailored to players who have previously played club volleyball, with a faster development through skills than a typical camp and fast-paced game play drills. Run by our first-rate coaching staff, which includes a former National team player as well as former and current Alberta Provincial team coaches.

3. Winter Youth League

Each age category in the Youth League will be distributed evenly among four teams (12 athletes per squad). These leagues will consist of co-ed teams. Following the first day, which will serve as a skills development/evaluation day, teams will be formed. Teams will have a weekday practice and a weekday game every week.

4. Spring Camps

Spring Break Camps

These courses focus on two abilities every day before graduating to multi-skill training. They will most likely have two skill divisions (depending on numbers), current club players and non-club players. Athletes in grades 6 through 10 are welcome to participate.

This camp is for anybody who wants to enhance their abilities for their club team or get a jump start on next year’s school squad. This camp will be more intense than a “normal” camp in order to push the athletes within the short 9 hours of teaching.

Spike into Spring

This four-week (eight-session) program will focus on individual skill development for athletes in grades six through nine. The program includes one exciting “tournament day” when kids may put all of the skills they’ve learned to use in a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere.


  • Youth Fall League: $200.00 (11 sessions, 1.5 hours each, T-shirt)
  • Little Diggers: $50 (GST included)
  • 4-5 Day Camps: $140-$300 (Rally Pointe T-shirt included)
  • Next Level Development Camp: $200 (8 sessions)
  • Winter Youth League: $200.00 (11 sessions, 1.5 hours each, T-shirt)
  • Spring Break Camps: $120.00 (9 hours of excellent instruction, including a camp T-shirt)
  • Spike into Spring: $150.00 (12 hours of excellent instruction, including a camp T-shirt)


Website: https://www.rallypointe.com/home

Phone: 403 202 3666

Email: bruce.edwards@rallypointe.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RallyPointe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RallyPointe

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rallypointe/

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