Maribyrnong Sports Academy

Located in Maribyrnong College, a high school in Victoria, the Maribyrnong Sports Academy is part of the school’s athletic program. Junior Volleyball players at MSA are given an individualized training program aimed to help them achieve State, National and International honors while finishing their high school degree. Players’ technical and decision-making abilities and comprehension of game strategy are the primary goals we have for both Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. This program at Maribyrnong Sports Academy combines an athlete development program, as well as assistance for athletes in physical preparation, performance and video analysis and sports psychology.


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Program Overview:

Provides a training program for outstanding junior volleyball players that is particularly tailored to help each person on their journey to State, National, and International representation in either indoor or beach volleyball. Athletes have advanced to the following levels of volleyball:

  • Australian National Indoor and Beach Volleyball teams
  • USA Collegiate Volleyball
  • State representation



Phone: +61 3 9091 8100

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