Greater Melbourne Volleyball Academy

Australian volleyball’s most prestigious training facility is the Great Melbourne Volleyball Academy, or GMVA. GMVA has nine distinct training squads to accommodate each athlete’s unique demands as they progress through the ranks. Each training squad includes a head coach and an assistant coach who concentrate on the specific skill and physical development that is required for that age group and degree of expertise. As a result of this strategy, regardless of your age or skill level, you will always be able to play with other players who are at or slightly above your level.

Volleyball training at the GMVA comprises both beach and indoor training, with a focus on strength and fitness. The purpose of GMVA is not only to improve volleyball abilities, but also to grow players’ bodies and prepare them to play more volleyball at a higher level, all in a pleasant and supportive training environment. GMVA is located at State Volleyball Centre (Dandenong Stadium).


The full cost of GMVA is $800 for the full 12 month training program.

Programs Offered:

  • GMVA SpikeZone – GMVA’s entry level program for kids of all ages from 7 years old
  • GMVA Youth – The vast majority of GMVA athletes have their first year in the Youth Program
  • GMVA Upwey – Generally for year 8 to year 10 kids
  • GMVA Oakleigh – Generally for year 8 to year 12 kids
  • GMVA Junior – GMVA’s second to third year program
  • GMVA Senior – GMVA’s third to fourth year program
  • GMVA Elite – Open elite school aged program for year 12s
  • GMVA Centre of Excellence – For athletes that have finished secondary school and want to really push themselves to head overseas. The Full Time programs trains 5 mornings per week at the State Volleyball Center.



Phone: 0414 633 837





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