mikasa mva200 indoor volleyball

Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball Review

The Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball changed the way we all look at volleyballs. Its striking and unique design stands out and boost performance. This dual-color 8-panel swirl design volleyball has been approved by the Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). The Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball has become the ball of choice for all nations and the FIVB. In fact, it was the official game ball for the 2008(Beijing), 2012(London), and 2016(Rio) indoor Olympic Games.

Specifications:mikasa mva200 indoor volleyball

  • Playing Field: Indoors
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Dual-color (Blue and Yellow)
  • Size: 5 (Official)
  • Product Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Model: MVA200
  • Brand: Mikasa Sports


  • Unique 8 panel swirl design allows for more hand contact area on the ball resulting in greater accuracy, better feel, and improved passing plus control
  • Dimples on the ball create a truer flight pattern allowing you to be more creative with your serves and spikes
  • Advanced aerodynamic engineering offers better stability and ball control
  • Cemented panel seams allow air between panel and carcass for a softer feel
  • Exclusive soft micro-fiber cover
  • Embossed and dimpled surface
  • Nylon wound center
  • The blue and yellow pattern is very visible and allows for better player reaction time.
  • Official size and weight
  • FIVB approved and the Official FIVB game ball for all world competitions
  • The official game ball for the 2008(Beijing), 2012(London), and 2016(Rio) indoor Olympic Games
  • 2-year warranty

Unique Eight-Panel Swirl Design

The Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball features an eight-panel swirl design that allows for more contact-area on the surface to improve passing and control. The contrasting colors of this ball makes it easier to see during play allowing for better player reaction time.

The Double Dimple technology is used to minimize the air resistance which allows the ball to fly through the air in a truer form. You can be extra creative with your serves and spikes. The aerodynamic dimpling ensures better stability and ball control. It also makes it easier to perform overhand float serves.

Another great feature of the Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball is its original Microfiber with PU material design which was co-developed by Mikasa and Kuraray, creating the highest quality volleyball with Anti-sweat functionality. The exclusive soft micro-fiber cover and nylon wound center make this ball durable and comfortable to handle. It also features a leak-shield butyl bladder for better air retention.

Designed for Competitive Play

The Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball is truly designed for competitive play. Beginners, especially kids, may find this ball a bit hard to use. But an intermediate or advanced  player will experience it as perfect for practice and official games. In addition, this ball is shipped in a protective plastic transparent bag. It may arrive with creases as a result of being shipped deflated. But once inflated, the creases will disappear.


  • Product is durable
  • The dual-color swirl design makes it easy to gauge the ball’s spinning speed and direction.
  • High-quality ball for the price.


  • For optimal performance, additional inflation may be required. Ball pump not included.
  • The synthetic cover creates a slippery feel.
  • The ball is pricey.

Overall, the Mikasa MVA200 Indoor Volleyball provide a great volleyball experience with its iconic 8-panel dual-color swirl design, advanced aerodynamic engineering, exclusive soft micro-fiber cover, nylon wound center and Leak Shield butyl bladder. It is definitely a must-have!

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