Southeast Region Volleyball Academy (SERVA)

Male and female school-aged youngsters may participate in SERVA’s (Southeast Region Volleyball Academy) professional learning environment for a healthy and energizing after-school activity. Players of all ages in the Southeast Region may take advantage of SERVA’s programs, which are designed to help them grow as players. It is the goal of SERVA to serve as a bridge between the Volleyball League’s club, state, and national programs.


$10 for 8 terms amounting to $80

Programs Offered:

Spikezone Volleyball: Spikezone is a modified form of beach and indoor volleyball developed by Volleyball Australia specifically for kids in grades 8 through 13 to expand access to the sport. Spikezone’s mission is to increase participation in the sport of volleyball in schools throughout Australia, laying the groundwork for the country to maintain its international dominance.



Phone: +61 421 322 256

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