The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World

Are you looking for an epic portable beach volleyball set, but the best you can find is Park & Suns Spectrum Classic or the United Volleyball 2″ SS? You might be thinking to yourself that there must be something better available. A volleyball net system that can deliver a fantastic beach volleyball set up, but that doesn’t weigh a ton and is extremely durable. Well the answer is yes, that net is made by Funtek, a German volleyball company which produces what we think is the best beach volleyball net system in the world.

The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Funtek

Funtek produce 2 high quality beach volleyball nets. One with steel poles which is their most durable and one with strong PVC poles which is incredibly strong and versatile as well. Currently this volleyball net system is only available from – Amazon In Germany.

NB: Only Available from Amazon Germany – But ships world wide.

The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Funtek

Funtec Pro Beach Set

  • Funtec Portable Netting with Competition Net – Professional Quality with Extremely Sturdy Aluminium Net Posts for Heavy Users and Pro Teams
  • Easy to assemble and quick to disassemble
  • With adjustable aluminium foot section, three different locking points for optimal net height adjustment
  • With Pro Beach net for the highest level of play
  • Court marking tapes not included
The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Funtek Steel Pro
Funtek - The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World

Funtec Beach Masters Set

  • Funtec portable net system with light leisure net.
  • Easy to assemble and quick to dismantle.
  • Removable foot section for easy net height adjustment
  • Be ready to play quickly with a lightweight leisure net.
  • Playing field markings not included in box contents.
The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Funtek PVC Master

Why is this the best portable beach volleyball net?

There are a number of reasons we think this is the best portable beach volleyball net. Some of the reasons include:

  • Highly durable: Both sets of poles are very durable and will last for hours of play. The steel/pro set is even more durable as its poles are made out of steel instead of PVC.
  • Long strong steel pegs. When setting up a net in soft beach sand it can be tricky to get the poles and guy ropes to stay taught as they can pull through the sand easily. The Funtek sets come with 4 long thick steel pegs that when sunk or hammered into sand at a good angle become excellent anchor points for the net system.
  • strong adjustable webbing guy ropes with metal adjustment points. So often volleyball net systems have nylon guy ropes that slip and loosen. That isn’t a problem with the webbing guy ropes. Over time the metal adjustment points can wear and rust, but if you tie them off the webbing will stay taught.
  • These nets perform amazingly well in windy conditions, staying taught and straight – within reason.
  • Strong webbed net for great play and tension. The net that comes with the Funtek volleyball net is of a professional level and will not let you down. You will be able to keep using it for years, and even use the same net on volleyball net poles left at beach set ups.
  • Great net tightening ropes. The net comes with four net tightening ropes at the bottom of the het to hold it taught.
  • Foot cups to prevent too much sand sinkage. Both nets come with wider feet for the net to stop sand sinkage. the pro net comes with steel feet, while the masters net comes with wide rubber feet.
  • Both nets are highly adjustable. The pro net comes with adjustable metal feet with holes for mens height, woman’s height and mixed height. The Funtek masters set comes with four PVC pole segments of different heights than can be used to create whichever height you desire.


As with every product there are a few cons, but with the Funtek nets they are minor.

  • The steel pegs can rust over time – this is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect their strength or function at all.
  • The steel pegs have a washer that assists in keeping the webbed guy ropes from slipping off the pegs. These are loose and can be lost over time. The pegs still function without the washers, you just need to make a slip knot with the looped guy rope end.
  • The net tightening red guy ropes come with black synches which can be lost over time, but the red net guy ropes have loops in them which actually work better than the black synches.
  • The black feet of the masters system can also be lost over time.
  • The silver feet of the pro system can be a bit narrow on some beaches – we suggest using feet from the masters net in conjunction with the pro net if this is an issue. You can order these parts separately and as spares.
  • Over time the bags zip can wear causing problems with closing the bag.

All of the cons mentioned can be solved with proper care, replacement parts and caution, and take years to develop. None of these cons detract from this being the best portable beach volleyball net system in the world.

One down side about this system is that it does not include court marking ropes, as these need to be bought separately. Another add on option is volleyball radio masts to mark outlines on the net.

Great Add-ons For This Set

If you want to have great beach volleyball games with this set we advise you adding the following items to your beach volleyball net system:

Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ

The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Mikasa VSL300 Boundary Lines

The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World Lines

Vermont Volleyball Court Markers

The Best Beach Volleyball Set In The World - Lines

Park n Suns Volleyball Lines

If you do not want to wait for this net to be shipped from Germany then check out our top 7 best outdoor volleyball nets, that are available on Amazon now.

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