Rio Volleyball Club

When it comes to Rio Volleyball, Rafael Silva, the club’s head coach and club director, believes that a player’s effectiveness on the court is directly related to the amount of work he or she puts into practice. Coaches, parents, and players all have a responsibility to show respect for the game, each other, and our opponents via their words, actions, and attitudes. There is an expectation that players will come up for practice intellectually, emotionally, and physically prepared to put up their best effort.

Rio has a skilled and devoted coaching staff that focuses on establishing age-appropriate principles and strengthening abilities, as well as educating girls to work hard and learn to operate as a team. Girls train 3 to 4 days a week, depending on their age and ability, with a combination of team practice, skills clinics, agility, and fitness.

Rio teams practice harder and spend less time at tournaments than other clubs, but the strategy has shown to be effective, as 37 percent of their teams won invites to USAV Nationals in their first year, a better performance than all but one of Atlanta’s big clubs.


Position Clinics 14 & Under

No Details

Position Clinics 15 & Up

No Details


1.5 hour introductory lessons for ages 7-11 years old to help students improve their hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities while learning the fundamentals of volleyball.



Coach Rafael is the manager of Rio Volleyball Club. As a teenager in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Coach Rafael was introduced to the sport of volleyball, which he began playing at the age of 13 and has since coached at the club, high school, and college levels.

Spider (Thiago)

Former professional volleyball player Thiago Spider is now the head coach at Rio. He has 25 years of international volleyball experience and has played professionally in Brazil, Spain, France, Turkey, Belgium, Lebanon, and on the beach in Brazil. Additionally, Coach Spider is a two-time France Championship gold medalist as well as a France SuperCup, a Belgian Championship gold medalist, a Belgian Cup, and a Lebanese Champion.


Position Clinics 14 & Under: $25

Position Clinics 15 & Up: $25


Private Training with Coach Rafael (per session):

  • 1 Player Training: $120/hour
  • 2 Player Training: $150/hour
  • 3 Player Training: $175/hour
  • 4 Player Training: $190/hour

Private Training with Coach Spider (per session):

  • 1 Person Training: $100/hour
  • 2 Person Training: $120/hour
  • 3 Person Training: $145/hour
  • 4 Person Training: $160/hour



Phone: +1 678-774-9411





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