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Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball Review

Spalding stands out because of their high-quality products and passion for sports. Although they are best known for their exceptional basketball products, Spalding also excels in the field of volleyball. One of Spalding’s most popular volleyball product is the Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball. This ball is designed and built specifically for competitive play outdoors. The all-weather volleyball is engineered and stitched to be the best outdoor volleyball on the market.

SpecificationsSpalding King of the Beach Volleyball

  • Material: Composite
  • Size: 5
  • Circumference: 26 inches
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Item model number: 72122
  • Brand: Spalding


  • Hand-stitched all-weather composite microfiber cover
  • Lining maintains shape and durability to help keep volleyball round
  • Designed for tournament style outdoor play
  • Responds better to topspin and easier to serve
  • Butyl bladder filling material
  • Official volleyball of King of the Beach and USA tournaments

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Composite Microfiber Cover

The Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball is designed and built specially for competitive outdoor volleyball games. It is perfect for competitive beach volleyball tournaments and simple, fun volleyball games in your backyard.  It features a soft-touch, all-weather composite cover that offers the durability to withstand whatever the weather throws at it. The microfiber cover provides great feel, softness, and aesthetic appeal.  The composite cover also does a good job of resisting wear and tear. Moreover, this ball does not get water-logged easily. And if it gets wet, it dries quickly. It is also easy to clean with water and a towel if it gets muddy.

Stitched 18-panel Construction

The Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball’s stitched 18 Panel construction provides superior shape and consistency. The edges are designed in a way that makes it easy to get a topspin. Plus, the ball is easy on the hands and has a soft touch for bumping, passing, setting, and hitting. It offers the perfect weight and feels. It is not too heavy, so you don’t have to pound it to get it over the net and not so light that the wind pushes it around. The ball is firm, but it is not hard. In addition, product design enables true flight and ball control. The ball also features a butyl bladder for improved air retention.

USA Beach Official Tour Volleyball

The Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball is not only ideal for recreational outdoor play, it is also the USA Beach Official Tour Volleyball. It is made to withstand the intense and hard play of volleyball professionals. The ball features the USA Beach Volleyball logo and King of the Beach emblems.


  • This ball is very durable
  • It does not soak up moisture easily
  • The ball is very easy to control even in windy conditions


  • Does not hold air very well
  • Pump not included

Overall, you can’t go wrong with a Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball. Purposefully engineered and expertly constructed, the all-weather King of the Beach Volleyball lives up to its royal name. It is the perfect weight and size, handles well, offers just enough grip, and has a nice leather feel when hitting, passing and serving. The ball is not cheap, but it is definitely worth every penny. So, enjoy a fun family activity while at the beach with the Spalding King of the Beach Volleyball.

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Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball Review

tachikara sensi tec volleyball

Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball Review

The Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball is a composite volleyball crafted with a microfiber composite cover for a softer touch. Its loose bladder construction provides better control during play.

Tachikara is a world pioneer in cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and imaginative materials for athletic balls. The company was established in 1915 and incorporated in 1920. The name originates from Tachikara-Ono-Mikoto, also called the “God of Power” in Japanese folklore. In 1952, Tachikara reformed the sporting products industry with a new innovation to create a consistent ball. It was at this time that Tachikara spearheaded their exclusive Single Unit Construction technique for assembling athletic balls to enhance the circular shape, air maintenance, air retention, and overall durability.

In the years after, Tachikara strived to produce a symmetrical and responsive ball through testing and research, establishing the company as a genuine pioneer in cutting-edge designs and innovation. Tachikara successfully competes with the world’s top manufacturers and are focused on remaining at the cutting edge of the industry.

Specificationstachikara sensi tec volleyball

  • Playing Surface: Indoor
  • Cover: Sensi-Tec®
  • Construction: Loose Bladder Construction (LBC®)
  • Bladder: Butyl
  • Size: Official
  • Circumference: 25.6 to 26.4 inches or 65.02 cm to 67.06 cm
  • Weight: 9.1 – 9.8 oz./257.98 – 277.83 g
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Item model number: SV-5WSC-TWB
  • Brand: Tachikara


  • Patented Loose Bladder Construction (LBC) method
  • High-performance colored composite volleyball
  • Made with micro-fiber composite leather
  • Resin-fused fiber cover for a truer touch and better feel
  • Butyl bladder for superior air retention
  • Ball is sold and shipped deflated
  • It is an NFHS-approved ball
  • The leather comes with a 2-year warranty

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Approved by NFHS

With its unmatched performance, and incredible feel plus top-notch durability, Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball is approved by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Its Loose Bladder Construction and Butyl bladder creates a very solid, durable construction. It’s also suitable for casual play with friends and family.

Indoor Play

Tachikara volleyball is intended for indoor use and its colorful Sensi-Tec composite leather will spice up your training session or match. The high-quality material and sturdy construction creates a delicate touch with unmatched playability. This ball is appropriate for all ages and level of play.


  • You can choose from a wide variety of colors
  • Intended for all ages
  • Holds well for practice and has a nice durability
  • Suitable for kids, preferably 10 years old and above


  • The volleyball does not have a soft touch outer layer.
  • Only suitable for indoor usage.
  • It is harder than tournament grade ones

Overall, Tachikara Sensi Tec Volleyball is a great ball for children and adults. Tachikara is always looking for ways to improve its products. They aim to produce a high standard product that is fun for both kids and adults. This volleyball definitely proves it.

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wilson soft play volleyball

Wilson Soft Play Volleyball Review

One of the most important aspects of the sport is the ball. The Wilson company has been around for years and has been providing quality sports equipment ever since. The Wilson Soft play outdoor volleyball is an ideal choice for beginners.  It is available in a wide range of colors namely blue, white, red, yellow and pink. The lightweight feel of the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball makes it ideal for kids and young adults who want to try volleyball. This soft-feel ball is great for beginners or to play volleyball on the beach or in the park for fun.

SpecificationsWilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball

  • Ball Cover Construction: Synthetic Leather
  • Playing Surface: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Ball Size: Official
  • Colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, White
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
  • Brand: Wilson
  • Item model number: 61303


  • Sponge backed synthetic leather cover
  • 18-panel machine sewn construction
  • Butyl rubber bladder for good air retention
  • Soft play technology

Proven Durability

The machine sewn construction of the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball gives it enhanced durability, making it a great tool for training especially kids and teens. Its durability makes it perfect for long games. It also holds air well, thanks to its Butyl rubber bladder, making it last even longer.

Soft Play

The synthetic sponge-backed cover provides a soft feel during play. It is super soft and really easy to hit for any player. But the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball is not suitable for official games. Professional players hit harder, causing the ball to tear faster.

Although this ball is made for outdoor volleyball, it is actually good for indoor volleyball too. If you are planning to use this ball at the beach or by the pool, then you should take this warning: the volleyball can become waterlogged. It can be used in a body of water but it absorbs water easily and makes it very heavy to hit. It is highly recommended to let it dry after use before storing the ball.

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  • Very durable and can last up to a year.
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Retains air very well
  • Good for both indoor and outdoor games
  • Machine stitched


  • It can become waterlogged
  • Easily deflated
  • Not suitable for official volleyball competition

Overall, the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball is great for beginners and children. Its good quality makes it last for a reasonable length of time, depending on your usage. And it is an amazing tool for training. It is affordable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. You can use it under the sun, in a pool or on the beach. Just be careful not to leave it in the water since it can be waterlogged. Enjoy a fun day with your favorite sport using the Wilson Soft Play Outdoor Volleyball.

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Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ Review

Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ Review

The Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ is Mikasa’s top of the line beach volleyball competition ball. It features all the latest technology to offer the best beach volleyball game experience. Made using a newly developed softer cover material, the Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ gives players outstanding handling and control. It also features the TwinSTLocked Machine-stitched 10-panel design and has fewer seams than previous versions, making the ball stronger and more durable during hard play. The underside of each panel is reinforced with a specially designed two-layer cloth backing for superior shape retention.

The high-quality surface which is made of micro-cell, anti-slip composite leather has improved waterproof properties. It also has additional rubber coating on the inner side of the panels. This feature not only helps enhance water resistance but also helps reduce weight fluctuations. In addition, the LeakShield butyl rubber bladder with a miniaturized self-sealing valve maintains air pressure for consistent play. The butyl rubber bladder can also withstand extreme temperatures. The patented Mikasa yellow, blue and white pattern, is easy to see even on a sunny day. It is perfect for a great beach volleyball game on a beautiful sunny day.

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Specifications Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ Volleyball Review

  • Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 8.8 x 8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Ball type: Beach volleyball, competition ball
  • Size: 5
  • Weight: 260-280 g
  • Circumference: 65-67 cm
  • Color: Tri-color (white, dark blue and yellow)
  • Model Number: VLS300
  • Brand: Mikasa


  • TwinSTLocked Machine-stitched 10-panel system for enhanced control
  • Soft composite non-slip surface made from finest micro material
  • Double cloth backing for best shape retention
  • Rubber coating for improved water resistance
  • Reinforce panels to maintain spherical shape
  • Low rebound effect
  • LeakShield butyl rubber bladder with a miniaturized self-sealing valve to maintain air pressure
  • Tri-color (white, dark blue and yellow) for easy recognition


With its high-quality material and excellent features, Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ is one of the best beach volleyball game balls available on the market. In fact, its top-notch quality has been recognized by a number of volleyball federations. It is the official game ball for national and international competitions. It is the official game ball of Australian Volleyball Federation (AVF), European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) World Tour. The Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ is also the official game ball used in the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio Olympics.


  • Easy to play with
  • Good-quality material
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft and easy to control
  • Good value for money


  • Package does not include pump
  • Ball gets slippery with sweat
  • The cover wears off easily
  • Needs consistent re-pumping

Mikasa understands the passion and inspiration it takes to be an athlete and they put that same passion and inspiration, coupled with the best technology, into every ball they make. Especially the Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ with its official status. This ball pushes volleyball design further than it has been before. So, win the next beach volleyball game with Mikasa VLS300 Beach Champ.

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Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball Review

Molten is known for their innovative technology and superior craftsmanship in making impeccable quality products. One of Molten’s top-notch product’s is the Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball. It is the official game ball of the NCAA Men’s Championships. This ball can boast with exceptional performance, including increased ball control, improved visibility, enhanced flight stability and more accurate overhand passing and sets.

SpecificationsMolten FLISTATEC Volleyball

  • Material: Premium micro-fiber composite cover
  • Type: Indoor volleyball
  • Size: Official
  • Weight: Official
  • Color: Tricolor (white, red and blue)
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Item Model Number: V5M5000-3USA
  • Brand: Molten
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Ball is shipped deflated
  • Ball pump not included


  • Official volleyball of USA Volleyball championship
  • FIVB approved
  • Official volleyball of NORCECA
  • Official volleyball of the 2014 USAV Adult National Championships
  • FLISTATEC Flight Stability Technology
  • Improved air-current around the ball
  • Uniquely designed hexagon surface layer
  • Enhanced flight stability
  • Increased ball control during play
  • Softer, thicker micro-fiber layer
  • Secure nylon wound layer
  • Improved visibility and smoother rotation motion through the three streamlined panels on each side of the volleyball
  • Additional inflation creates optimal performance

Flight Stability Technology

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is an FIVB approved ball which features special Flight Stability Technology. The Flight Stability Technology enables enhanced grip, control, and consistency during play by optimizing the air-current around the ball. FLISTATEC significantly reduced the irregular flight patterns of the ball. Through FLISTATEC, Molten was able to achieve a stabilized flight path by controlling the air disturbance around the ball through the placement of raised hexagon shaped designs on the surface of the ball.

Durable Construction

Another great feature is the composite leather with a micro-soft layer which ensures that the synthetic material is as soft as a genuine leather ball. This feature is the reason behind the outstanding durability, soft touch texture and superb consistency of the ball. The softer microfiber layer enables the players to achieve more accurate and firmer overhand passes. In addition, the composite leather with micro-soft layer also absorbs perspiration to keep the surface dry. The new surface and design features also increase the grip, allowing the server more control.

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball’s composite leather cover fuses with a thread-woven lower layer for a better feel and ultimate durability. A secure Nylon wound layer is also added so that this thread-woven construction achieves an ideal soft touch. Another great feature is the dual-layer laminated butyl bladder with extremely low air-permeability that prevents leakage.

Improved Visibility

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball features a tricolor design of white, red and blue. These colors improve visibility for players of all abilities. The three streamlined panels on each side of the ball significantly improve the visibility of the ball in any environment. Consequently, the streamline panels of a FLISTATEC volleyball also visually creates a smoother rotating motion.


Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball is shipped deflated. The reason given by the manufacturer is that the air pressure can damage the ball during shipping. The manufacturer also points out that putting air inside the ball will consider the ball as used.


  • Great ball, amazing grip and very stable in the air.
  • At first, the ball will be pretty hard but the more you play with it, the softer and more rubbery it will feel.
  • The ball can hold air for a long period of time.
  • The ball responds well to passing and hitting.


  • The ball may come with permanent creases, due to the packaging method.
  • The package does not come with a pump.
  • It is a bit pricey.

Overall, the Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball offers consistency, exceptional performance, improved control, increased visibility, and enhanced flight stability for more accurate passing and sets. If you’re looking for a good lightweight, soft composite leather ball that is easy to control and has a great grip – then this is the perfect ball for you.

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Wilson AVP Official Game Ball Review

Wilson AVP Official Game Ball

Wilson AVP Official Game Ball Review

Wilson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ball sports equipment. It has produced legendary classics and earned world-wide legitimacy in each sport it participates in. One of the company’s top-of-the-line game balls for beach volleyball is the Wilson AVP Official Game Ball. The Wilson AVP Official Game Ball is made to the highest specifications and standards of the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP). It is constructed with the finest materials and features exquisite craftsmanship to provide the highest level of superior beach performance.

SpecificationsWilson AVP Official Game Ball

  • Ball Size: Official
  • Circumference: 64.5 cm
  • Ball Playing Surface: Beach
  • Ball Cover Construction: Premium Microfiber Composite Leather
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches; 1 pound
  • Shipping Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Model Number: WTH4308
  • Approved By: AVP
  • Brand: Wilson


  • 18-panel, hand-sewn expert construction, and craftsmanship enables deep groves for better hand control and wind resistance
  • Premium microfiber composite leather provides greater resistance to dirt and less moisture absorbency to maintain proper weight and feel
  • New superior graphics for improved ball spin detection and contemporary design
  • Performance Elastomer Bladder creates good responsiveness promoting control and power plays
  • Overall construction provides strong durability and shape retention giving the player continuous reliability

Please note: The Wilson AVP Game Volleyball is the closest to what is used by the pros on the beach; however, volleyballs used for AVP matches may have unique specifications and/or stricter quality controls or tolerances.

Built for the Beach

The Wilson AVP Official Game Ball is built for the beach and is easy to play with in all weather conditions. It features a premium microfiber composite leather cover that resists dirt and moisture. The composite leather cover also offers superior durability and enhanced control. The Wilson AVP Official Game Ball utilizes hand-sewn construction technologies for expert craftsmanship. The Butyl rubber bladder creates superior rebound and air retention.

Designed for Competitive Players

The Wilson AVP Official Game Ball is perfect for competitive players because it gives a soft feel, which enhances control during the game, making it better for rallies. The structural layer also provides extended durability and shape retention. With its premium graphics, the Wilson AVP Official Game Ball provides better spin detection. Plus, its yellow logo and panels also help to improve visibility.


  • The ball is durable
  • It is vibrant and easy to see
  • It is easy on the arms, hands, and wrists


  • Constantly need to fill it up with air
  • It seems to swell over time
  • The ball gets slippery with sweat
  • It absorbs water

In conclusion, the Wilson AVP Game Ball sets the standard to which all others aspire to achieve on the sand. It is constructed with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Made for superior touch and feel and improved visibility, the Wilson AVP Game Ball will definitely handle every pass, every set, and every hit.

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